new home :)

October 8, 2011

My blog will now continue on 🙂 will i see you there? do stop by!

is ‘The Secret’ still a secret?

August 21, 2011

i have found Law of Attraction as mentioned in ‘The Secret‘ very interesting … in fact, i think it is another way of few beliefs i already had (and i have seen it operational in several of my personal experiences)

one of the things it emphasizes is – focus on what you want and not on something you want to get rid of 🙂 …

What I feel is – despite of it being talked about by so many people for 5 odd years, ‘The Secret’ seems to be still a secret to few 😦

And, why do I feel so? I recently noticed that ‘The world’s most popular goals’ on 43Things has ‘lose weight’ on number 1 position – and ‘get in shape’ way down at 31 … so, clearly the website’s user are not utilising ‘The Law of Attraction’ to its full potential.

what is your story?

limitation OR not-a-limit!

July 11, 2011

i have always believed that any limitation that one perceives exists only in one’s mind and it is as powerful or weak as one considers it to be … it is in fact just a test of one’s creativity to find a work-around for any destination (if it is not on a straight path).

i happened to witness another instance where limits do not matter – when we ‘gate-crashed’ into the hotel where celebs were staying during the IIFA 🙂 … while many people were lining up behind a small fence in front of the hotel entrance, we walked in with confidence as regular guests.

have you ever challenged limits ‘given’ to you?

ps: i would like to spell the word limitation in a different way: notalimit! 🙂

i try film making :)

June 2, 2011

Last weekend was Doors Open Toronto ‘festival’ and we visited the National Film Board’s ( MediaTheque – where we tried hands at Pixillation …

See how does my first attempt turns out to be? –>

Thanks for your time & comments 🙂

life is growth

May 17, 2011

everything in this universe comes from just one substance/source – (some call it the Almighty) … and the inherent nature of that substance is growth … it finds out ways from the universal abundance to express its inherent desire for growth … and remember – what one may consider as limitations – is just appearance/perception but TRUTH is limitless!

the fullest expression of life/growth is visible all around us – one such view that reassured my faith in ‘everything is possible’ is depicted in the picture below – grass growing amidst the ultimate adversity – it is peeping from the crack of an asphalt road 🙂

what are your views on your so called obstacles, now?

and – it works again! :)

April 12, 2011

Yes! I am very happy 😀 🙂

Blackberry’s latest Tablet – Playbook – gets attracted

And – I enjoyed the whole process – of programming a game/app to make it happen.

Now, eagerly waiting for it to appear in my mailbox.

PS: Here is my FREE PlayBook app – … how do you find it? Please share your comments.

50-100-200 :)

February 7, 2011

just some numbers 🙂
do they mean anything more than trivia?
It’s 50th month of my blogging here – and this marks post #100 – you figure out what 200 stands for?

बहु रत्ना वसुंधरा “Bahu ratna vasundhara” – our land is full of jewels

January 30, 2011

Whenever I come across some unusual human beings & their amazing feats, I am reminded of the saying – बहु रत्ना वसुंधरा “Bahu ratna vasundhara” – Any land is full of some hidden jewels

I was filled with awe when I read about Yiannis Kouros who had once ran more than 300 KMs in 24 hours !!!

And who does not get impressed when they read about Fauja Singh – a marathoner of 100 years!?

Another recent news about Fitness guru Jack LaLanne‘s death at age of 96 made me aware of his legendary acts depicting human strength & possibilities – to name a few are – At the age of 40, he swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge (1.7 mile) underwater; at 43, he did a thousand pushups in 23 minutes; at 60, he swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco while handcuffed, shackled and towing a boat. At 70, he towed 70 boats with 70 people for a mile and a half, also while handcuffed and shackled. “I can’t die,” LaLanne would say. “It would ruin my image.” 🙂

Who/what inspires you? When did you feel ‘impossible is nothing’? Whom you would like to be considered in बहु रत्ना वसुंधरा (human jewels of the planet)?

Happy New 2011 & new ‘happy’ alphabets :)

January 1, 2011

This new year, I have decided to make it even more ‘happy’ 🙂

I would make extra efforts to make frequest use of the following ‘happy’ alphabets

A – Abundance
B – Bliss
C – Compassion/Care
D – Divinity
E – Enthusiasm
F – Faith
G – Gratitude
H – Happiness
I – Inquisitiveness/Integrity
J – Joy
K – Kindness
L – Love
M – Motivation
N – New
O – Openness
P – Positive
Q – Q…
R – Respect
S – Spirituality
T – Thankfulness
U – U…
V – Vision
W – Wisdom
X – X…
Y – Yearning
Z – Zestful

Can you think of better positive/happy words for any of the letters? I am going to fill up/expand the happy alphabets and would love to hear from you

Make every moment in 2011 (& beyond) a ‘happy’ one
– ha ha hi hi 🙂

towards more light

December 22, 2010

I had once talked about how changing vantage point can be ‘enlightening’

At times, we – mere mortals – easily get stuck in ‘reality trap’ and find it tough to change ‘vantage point’. I recently thought it should be pretty simple though …

Instead of ‘burying’ your head in ‘negativity’ & ‘darkness’ (like a ‘damsel in distress’ in the above picture), simply ‘get up’ and start ‘facing the abundance of light’ …

or put it other way – start counting your blessings so that your focus on positivity will start giving it even more power to expand.

Even if it is repeat, I would like to write the quote ‘fake it, fake it, fake it – till you make it (happen)’ and I feel it applies everywhere including ‘happiness’

🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS you all 🙂

(ha ha hi hi) ho ho ho