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life is growth

May 17, 2011

everything in this universe comes from just one substance/source – (some call it the Almighty) … and the inherent nature of that substance is growth … it finds out ways from the universal abundance to express its inherent desire for growth … and remember – what one may consider as limitations – is just appearance/perception but TRUTH is limitless!

the fullest expression of life/growth is visible all around us – one such view that reassured my faith in ‘everything is possible’ is depicted in the picture below – grass growing amidst the ultimate adversity – it is peeping from the crack of an asphalt road 🙂

what are your views on your so called obstacles, now?



November 28, 2010


It is next to impossible for two snowflakes to be exactly alike … one more thing that makes me feel ‘awesome’ about this amazing universe and its wonderful creator 🙂 … grateful for everything!

Celestial love story?!

August 3, 2010


This is NOT the clichéd plot of any Bollywood movie … It is something that has happened in our wonderful (mysterious) universe (or at least the scientists theorize so).

I recently read this interesting celestial love story about a 3-star system – where the ‘duo’ somehow gets rid of the ‘villain’ in the ‘black hole’ and then together run away from the universe to ‘happily live for ever’ 🙂

Chalo dil-dar chalo, chand ke par chalo … hum hai taiyar chalo o o !!      is the song that comes to my mind … what about you? 🙂

not every plant is a bean!

July 23, 2010

This is a lesson I learnt the hard way …


I was grateful to get a tender plant/sapling of tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum or Holy Basil) … I started to ‘take care’ of it along with the ‘bean plant’ our son had brought from his school (part of ‘spring curriculum’?)

Unfortunately, I realized after a couple of days – that Tulsi requires more watering than the bean plant which needed to be watered about once a week. As soon as I noticed the impact of ‘less care’ on the Tulsi, I started to take corrective measures – but I am sill waiting, with hope, to witness a ‘turnaround’ in its growth.

The incident also made me think that many times I might be treating people with ‘less care’ probably because I am like a ‘bean plant’ that does not need much caring. However, every plant is not a bean! – and I should be mindful of the different needs of other species. 🙂

The famous quote by Jesus Christ – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you‘ – should not be taken just literally – one has to follow it in spirit as well.

can frozen ‘credit’ be a delight?

January 21, 2010


What I am talking about is ‘Credit’ River in Mississauga that is frozen (literally) due to the cold weather 🙂

It is not only a ‘delight’ to watch – some even enjoy skating and playing ice-hockey on it!

we are not alone :-)

June 26, 2008

Warning: my blog title is uniqideas and subtitle is ‘mungerial’ 🙂

I have always believed that there are definitely various forms of life; not just on planet Earth but at many places in the entire Universe …

I mean, the universe is soo vast … it maybe true that many of the places – that we humans have explored till date – are not conducive to normal life forms … but all these ‘facts’ involve so much of subjectivity

Just consider —

a) how ‘much’ of the universe have we explored?
b) do we ‘forever’ monitor the places we have explored? (remember? the universe is so dynamic!)
c) are we the ‘ultimate’ authority to decide what a conducive environment means?
d) also, can we say for sure that we are ‘accurate’ in our understanding of ‘normal’ life?

Well, I can go on and on … I even have a mindboggling creative question for you to ponder on — why do we search for traces of water/ice when we look for sophisticated life forms — maybe extra terrestial (ET) life is using extra terrestial ways for support (OR even strange – they do not need anything, for that matter, as support!)

I assume that you do not want me to go further on this lines … still, you may ask — ok then, if there are various life forms in so many places in the universe then why don’t we come across them?

I myself have thought a lot about it … I kind of explain to myself that maybe it is just matter of time, we will probably cross roads, sooner or later …

Above picture is from one of the news item that I came across a while back. It states that there are more than 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide (on this very planet earth). We human beings are ‘civilized’ enough not to intrude in their way of living and simply ‘study’ it from a distance (Maybe, the aliens I am talking about are too advanced and equally decent to let us ‘suffer’ in our own primitive ways!)


Another piece here mentions about finding glass-tulip-like ‘new’ species of life in extreme conditions! If we have still not spotted all the existing life forms on our very own planet earth (right in this 21st century) then how can we be so sure about the universe?

I know, I have not proved anything (I don’t intend to, anyway) but I just wanted to take you along with me on the journey of my whimsical thoughts. I am glad you gave me company 🙂

Before I close this, I would also like to share a thought I had long back heard from a lady comedian on ‘Saturday Night Live’ TV show – she said she definitely believes in ET and further added that “what else explains so many missing people? It is like the way we pick up fishes from the ocean (or somewhere) and put them in our acquarium for entertainment, these ETs pick up different humans and make them pets!” 🙂

ha ha hi hi

Now, don’t blame me if you were taken for a ride in this totally non-scientific way of thinking (not backed with any ’empirical’ data or ‘hypothesis’ based PhD style of reasoning) … I had warned you at the onset – isn’t the name of my blog big enough a disclaimer to pour out my offbeat (which i market as ‘uniq’) thoughts that take up space in my fully activated illuminated whole brain. This outflow has further freed up some more space for even better ideas! 🙂

WOW! – our Universe is soo beautiful !! Click it to see the full image on NASA page –>

i wonder …

October 2, 2007

… where do they go? what do they do?


There are innumerable birds in a ‘batch’ and you cannot even keep count of number of flocks! All of them happily, chirpily flying towards the west direction, early in the morning. It is really a pleasant & refreshing sight. I am grateful that I can enjoy the sight right from my balcony (whenever I get up early, that is)

All of them return back to east direction when the sun sets.

I wonder … where do they go? Is this like a ‘6 to 6’ job they do on all 7 days a week? And, what do they do, after all?

When I was a kid, I learned that the birds go out during the day to fetch food for their young ones. But, is it really true? Has someone tracked these birds (using RFID)? I think the ‘for food’ theory is flawed. They do not need to work so hard for mere food.

It is we humans who have to toil for day and night since our ‘wants’ are never ending (and we sometimes glorify our ‘greed’ with phrases like ‘raising the bar’) 🙂

Maybe, they just want to ‘escape’ to a peaceful place before we (homo sapiens sapiens) make the urban areas just ‘unbearable’ for them.

And did you ever admire the nature that has bestowed them with such a wonderful fault free inbuilt ‘air traffic control’ system? I have never heard of mid-air collission between two birds!

There sight reminds me of two things –

My early childhood (and still in my ‘to-do’ list) dream – I want to fly!


My favorite song –

        … I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.

        I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away. …

no oil, no canvas … and yet a masterpiece

September 25, 2007

Looking out of the window :-), I accidently saw something that made me go panic!

Without wasting a single moment, I immediately rushed to the terrace along with my wife and kid. Yes, I did rush back in the house to get my prized possession so that I can capture the masterpiece in the digital frames 🙂

See for yourself today’s rainbow and the art of the Almighty on the vast canvas of the evening sky!


The rainbow lasted only for few minutes after I reached there. I wish I could spare more time to watch the evening sky everyday!