Looking out of the window …

… during a recent flight, i had a ‘eureka’ moment!

The background that was visible to me was almost ‘stand still’. So much so that it can deceive anyone into believing the aero-plane is hardly moving.

Where as the fact was – it was moving at a very fast pace – ask the kid on the ground below trying to get a glimpse of the fascinating ‘creature’ (I still stretch out my neck and try to look at the plane every time I hear a flight – especially a helicopter 🙂 Thank GOD, I do not stay very close to the airport!)

When one feels his or her life is boring and not ‘moving at all’ (ruki ruki si zindagi?) maybe it is the same case! It is probably moving at a fast pace towards the destination but it is just that the motion is not apparent from one’s ‘point of view’ 🙂

So, if that is the case, will looking from a different vantage point help and show the ‘big picture’?



6 Responses to “Looking out of the window …”

  1. cookiesandconverse Says:

    beautiful pic!

  2. Pramod Uniyal Says:

    Very well said, Harsh.


  3. Naveen Krishna Says:

    Excellent blog Harsh… the other day you gave me a hint about it but when I read it, I liked the philosophical reflection. Yep. it’s true and I also experienced this “ruki ruki si zindagi” at times but as a matter of fact it was not something stagnated but something else which you have correctly pointed out!

    Keep writing!

  4. Gunjan Says:

    Have you seen “The Scent of a Woman”? Do see it if not already. Al Pacino had won oscar for that.

    Thats a nice story about boring life, life w/o perspective.. when two such people meet they changes each others life.. they become reason and remedy for the others life.

  5. Richard Says:


    I am currently getting a website designed (as a freebie) and I wish it to be ‘out of plane window’ -themed. I am a composer (and a student, studying composition).


    May i use this photograph on the website. I can only offer recognition, as I have no money.

  6. towards more light « unique ideas! Says:

    […] had once talked about how changing vantage point can be […]

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