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How to crack GMAT?

February 21, 2007

I am sure you are not expecting a magical wand or something 🙂 If there was any such thing, wouldn’t I choose a perfect score (800!) for myself?

However, I am just listing down few resources which I found helpful during my GMAT preparations

Here is overview of the GMAT

Here you can practice your sentence correction questions (FREE)

One of my friend (who scored much more than I did) says Scoretop subscription is worth the cost (PAID)

I think regular study for a month (or two at maximum) should be good enough to crack the GMAT. Start with a diagnostic test and work out your plan based on your individual needs. I would suggest to start using some simulated computerized test software once you are familiar with all the sections and then you should tweak your plans according to your performance.

Aim for the stars! If you fail, you may at least end up on the moon! So, your aim should be nothing less than the perfect score – 800!
(This is the thought that made me little bit serious about the GMAT – otherwise I would have messed it up – on account of my overconfidence 😉 )

PS: I think this blog has given a detailed study plan – might be useful!

All the best!


How to get in IIM-A’s PGPX? (Random FAQ)

February 15, 2007

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX

About PGPX of IIM-A (& other things)

What is PGPX of IIM-A?

  • One-year full-time Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives.

When did IIM-A start such a course?

  • Just a year back. Their first batch started in April 2006

What is the specialization offered?

  • PGPX of IIM-A has a General Management focus

What is the admission procedure?

  • Appear for the GMAT
  • Apply online (10 August was last date for application in 2006)
  • Submit essays by email (if you are shortlisted)
  • Appear for Personal (30 minute) interview (if called)
  • Wait for the results 🙂

What were the essay topics last year? (to be answered in 500 words)

  • What do you expect to gain from the PGPX at IIMA?
  • Describe a situation in your life that demonstrates your leadership qualities.
  • Describe the single event or achievement that has significantly influenced your life.
  • Give a description of yourself, stressing the personal characteristics you feel are your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Any other information that you believe may help us make a decision on your application. (This one was optional)

What are the fees?

  • 10 lacs (for the PGPX-II). Likely to be revised for future batches. (This includes five weeks of International Immersion)

What is the difference between normal PGP & PGPX of IIM-A?

  • Regular PGP is for 2 years. PGPX is for 1 yr
  • Admission to regular PGP is based on CAT/GD/etc. PGPX takes candidates based on GMAT/essays/etc
  • Regular PGP does not have work experience crieteria. PGPX of IIM-A needs minimum seven years of work experience

What is a good GMAT score to get in?

  • I would say you should target for 700+

What was your GMAT score?

  • I am lucky to get in with my score of 650

What other things apart from score that would carry weightage?

  • Your experience (especially international), your application, your essays

Where can I read more about IIM-A’s PGPX?

What are other such (full-time) programs available in India (based on GMAT)

I am aware of few (apart from IIM-A’s PGPX)-

About GMAT

Where can I take GMAT?

  • At all GMAT test centers (across the globe)

When can I take GMAT?

  • It is online exam. You can take it any day of the year (based on the availability at the test center of your choice)

What is the cost of GMAT?

  • 250 US$ (payable through credit card, online)

What is the test format?

  • It is a multiple choice questions – (Roughly speaking, it covers basic high school maths concepts and english language proficiency).

How long does it take to know the score after the test?

  • (Unofficial) score is available immediately after you complete the test

What is a good test score?

  • Every MBA institute has their own process of filtering applications and GMAT score is only one criteria. Hence, it really depends based on the school you choose. But, generally, the better the school, the higher is the demand! 800 is the maximum you can score. I personally feel, anything above 650 is good. Also, you need high scores in India (as compared to that in foreign universities)

Where can I know more about GMAT?