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is ‘The Secret’ still a secret?

August 21, 2011

i have found Law of Attraction as mentioned in ‘The Secret‘ very interesting … in fact, i think it is another way of few beliefs i already had (and i have seen it operational in several of my personal experiences)

one of the things it emphasizes is – focus on what you want and not on something you want to get rid of 🙂 …

What I feel is – despite of it being talked about by so many people for 5 odd years, ‘The Secret’ seems to be still a secret to few 😦

And, why do I feel so? I recently noticed that ‘The world’s most popular goals’ on 43Things has ‘lose weight’ on number 1 position – and ‘get in shape’ way down at 31 … so, clearly the website’s user are not utilising ‘The Law of Attraction’ to its full potential.

what is your story?


life is growth

May 17, 2011

everything in this universe comes from just one substance/source – (some call it the Almighty) … and the inherent nature of that substance is growth … it finds out ways from the universal abundance to express its inherent desire for growth … and remember – what one may consider as limitations – is just appearance/perception but TRUTH is limitless!

the fullest expression of life/growth is visible all around us – one such view that reassured my faith in ‘everything is possible’ is depicted in the picture below – grass growing amidst the ultimate adversity – it is peeping from the crack of an asphalt road 🙂

what are your views on your so called obstacles, now?

and – it works again! :)

April 12, 2011

Yes! I am very happy 😀 🙂

Blackberry’s latest Tablet – Playbook – gets attracted

And – I enjoyed the whole process – of programming a game/app to make it happen.

Now, eagerly waiting for it to appear in my mailbox.

PS: Here is my FREE PlayBook app – … how do you find it? Please share your comments.

Happy New 2011 & new ‘happy’ alphabets :)

January 1, 2011

This new year, I have decided to make it even more ‘happy’ 🙂

I would make extra efforts to make frequest use of the following ‘happy’ alphabets

A – Abundance
B – Bliss
C – Compassion/Care
D – Divinity
E – Enthusiasm
F – Faith
G – Gratitude
H – Happiness
I – Inquisitiveness/Integrity
J – Joy
K – Kindness
L – Love
M – Motivation
N – New
O – Openness
P – Positive
Q – Q…
R – Respect
S – Spirituality
T – Thankfulness
U – U…
V – Vision
W – Wisdom
X – X…
Y – Yearning
Z – Zestful

Can you think of better positive/happy words for any of the letters? I am going to fill up/expand the happy alphabets and would love to hear from you

Make every moment in 2011 (& beyond) a ‘happy’ one
– ha ha hi hi 🙂

towards more light

December 22, 2010

I had once talked about how changing vantage point can be ‘enlightening’

At times, we – mere mortals – easily get stuck in ‘reality trap’ and find it tough to change ‘vantage point’. I recently thought it should be pretty simple though …

Instead of ‘burying’ your head in ‘negativity’ & ‘darkness’ (like a ‘damsel in distress’ in the above picture), simply ‘get up’ and start ‘facing the abundance of light’ …

or put it other way – start counting your blessings so that your focus on positivity will start giving it even more power to expand.

Even if it is repeat, I would like to write the quote ‘fake it, fake it, fake it – till you make it (happen)’ and I feel it applies everywhere including ‘happiness’

🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS you all 🙂

(ha ha hi hi) ho ho ho

we are all connected!

October 15, 2010

“We are all connected!” We have heard this many times – and have even experienced it sometimes – but we often forget the fact. Also, it is not very apparent at times – but certain situations make the ‘connection’ more ‘visible’.

While driving on the road busy with ThanksGiving traffic, it occurred to me – how important it is that noone’s car breaks down – otherwise I too will be impacted and delayed – since I was part of the whole (like everyone else) that was out there on the road – I am part of the वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) – ONE universal family!

So, go ahead and pray for everyone’s well being – it is in your best interest! 🙂

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः। सर्वे भद्रणिपश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःख भाग भवेत्॥

“Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Maa Kaschit Dukha Bhagh Bhavet”

May all be happy; May all be without disease; May all have well-being; May none have misery of any sort.

based on a true story – Follow your Heart, NOW!

September 28, 2010


(Don’t wait for someone to aim a gun point-blank at you!)

 Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

– Henry David Thoreau

 Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

– Henry David Thoreau

Marcos Sampayo, born in a middle class family in (capital of) Brazil, was a boy with so many dreams and fascinations … Among many other things, one thing that he liked, as many children do, was to fly! But his story is different … he sees the birds flying in the sky and he wants to be up there with them. He hears the roaring noise of an airplane hovering in the sky and he rushes out (even straight from the bath-tub, at times) to the balcony just to have a glimpse of it … The years go by but his passion about flying does not die … He invariably stretches his gaze at the blue sky whenever he hears the familiar sound …

As he grows up, the only thing that ‘flies’ is time! … He has to park his dream ‘in some corner of his heart’ and move on … He is probably waiting for ‘someday’ when he will follow his dream. He still subscribes to aero-sport magazines but that is the only thing he does for his ‘love’.

He completes his regular education and joins his family owned grocery shop. He is making decent earning and even starts growing his dad’s business. As his father nears the retirement phase, he takes complete charge of the business and is engrossed completely in the routine.

One day, his life takes a sudden turn. It was a normal day, like any other so far … Customers were pouring in the store at regular pace in the morning … then the rush dropped as the sun rose above the head … he heard a big roar of an airplane and since there were not many people in the store who needed attention, he could step out and gaze at the airplane … As the aircraft gets lost in the distant clouds, he returns back to the counter with a ‘sigh’ and starts attending to the few new shoppers. Suddenly, there is a stranger who enters the shop and changes everything. He takes out a pistol from nowhere, fires a shot in the air and frightens everyone outside the shop before he rushes right to the counter. He then aims the pistol at the shop-owner (Marcos) and threatens to kill him if he does not give him all the cash. Marcos who is frightened like never before takes no time to empty the cash drawer into the armed robber’s bag and begs to leave him alive. The seasoned robber then thinks of further frightening the shop-owner and says ‘I still want to kill you! So, lie down on the floor’. Not left with any other choice, Marcos does as instructed … but to his surprise, he finds out that when the robber pulls the trigger, he is not hurt at all – since the there was no more bullet in the gun! The robber runs out of the store laughing at the plight of Marcos – who is still trying to grasp his breath.

The event has ruined Marcos – he was frightened to death during the few minutes that keeps flashing in front of his eyes – even after he was released unhurt physically. He spends the next week in isolation. The introspection results into a reinvented Marcos who decides to make the most from this ‘gift of life’. He does not bother at all about the financial loss he incurred … instead, he takes the ‘boldest’ decision of his life! He sells off his shop and joins a flying club and studies hard to become a certified ‘Hang-Glider’ Pilot. He then sets up his own adventure tourism boutique firm (vôo duplo de asa delta) in Rio De Janeiro and not only lives his ‘passion’ but makes decent living out of it (‘more than what he would be making from his boring shop’ – as he likes to mention it)!

While taking the tourists from across the globe up in the clouds, he shares his story of life – and invariably poses a thought provoking question to everyone (followed by simple piece of advice) – “Will it take some insane to aim a pistol point blank at you?? Please DO NOT wait for a single day. You may not be as lucky as I was – FOLLOW YOUR HEART, NOW!”

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains

And we never even know we have the key.

– Lyrics from Already Gone, performed by the Eagles for their 1974 On the Border album

Celestial love story?!

August 3, 2010


This is NOT the clichéd plot of any Bollywood movie … It is something that has happened in our wonderful (mysterious) universe (or at least the scientists theorize so).

I recently read this interesting celestial love story about a 3-star system – where the ‘duo’ somehow gets rid of the ‘villain’ in the ‘black hole’ and then together run away from the universe to ‘happily live for ever’ 🙂

Chalo dil-dar chalo, chand ke par chalo … hum hai taiyar chalo o o !!      is the song that comes to my mind … what about you? 🙂

grateful for G2 :)

June 11, 2010




the day started with so many unpleasant events …

i cut my upper lip while shaving (to the extent it kept bleeding till afternoon)

on my way to the GO train station, the head-light of my bike fell off (and i did not have time to stop and collect it)

i was so scarce on time that i could not even lock my bike (had to rush in the train before the doors closed)

all these could certainly make one nervous (if he/she believes in omen & more so if he/she is going to make 3rd attempt at driving road test on the day)

i however, by grace of GOD, could keep cool and ignore everything that can upset …

further, we had to park our car (before the test began) on spot # 13 … and the officials mentioned they are delayed (so it would mean more waiting) …

finally, the test started and i made a (minor) mistake on the first instruction from the examiner (he was not very happy) – but i said to myself ‘no need to worry, everything is going to work out just fine’ …

after 10-15 minutes of further driving, we came to the final stop and he still was explaining the ideal way of executing his first instruction.

When he stopped, i asked ‘what is the result of the test? did i make it?’ and he said ‘YES, you passed!’ …

alllll izzzzz welllll (that endzzz welll) 🙂

and by the way, the (unlocked) bike too was intact in the parking stand (when i returned back) and i happily passed on further gratitude to the Almighty!

PS: Toronto might be in news for G20 & G8 and all that … but G2 is no way related 🙂 .. (as shown in picture above), it is just the Graduate Licence in Ontario province (with which one can drive independently)

a ‘marathon’ with more fun than run

May 15, 2010

I had registered for the Mississauga Marathon and it was supposed to be my first ever 42.2 km RUN … but then Boston happened and I had time of my life on 19 April … 🙂

After that, I had not run (except for reaching GO Train station in time) and so I decided to ‘tone down’ my participation in just the quarter-marathon (or rather 10KM) category of the event … which meant there was only one-fourth running to be done from my side — but we gathered a team and volunteered (to supply water/gatorade) at a beautiful location and contributed (in our own little ways) to the marathoners in their accomplishment – and thereby quadrupled the FUN! 🙂

someday, i am thinking – should i pick up any new hobby(ies)? – do let me know if you have some good ideas to consider [this does not mean i will give up running – if Boston comes calling, who can say no 🙂 ]