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aaha Ahmedabad!

August 26, 2007

I am not new to this city – Ahmedabad. I am – as one of my professors says – ‘son of the soil’ since majority of my schooling and higher education took place in Ahmedabad. And I have several memories about incidents of ‘goodness’. However, I am not sure if I really appreciated that back then. Maybe not, because I had not been resident of any other city for so long (to compare and know the difference).

It is only when I left Ahmedabad and experienced some ‘cultural shocks’ that I realized the value of ‘goodness’ this place has to offer. Now that I am back to Ahmedabad after 8+ years, I can see that much of the advancement and ‘goodness’ is still intact.

Last saturday, I had to visit Satellite (an area in Ahmedabad known by that name, nothing away from this planet earth) Police station. (No, I did not do anything wrong guys. I was there for police verification required for the passport application of an acquaintance/neighbour). I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘modern’ police station. It was spick and span, with adequate sign boards full of necessary information (albeit all in Gujarati) staffed with officials friendly and ready to help. (Now that is against all your expectation of a police station in India). It does not even look like a normal police station from outside (as shown below)


(Courtesy: someone’s picture on Flickr –> ). I wish all the police stations of India will turn into such a customer friendly place, soon!

Another typical incident of ‘goodness’ (though small) happened today when I went to buy traditional clothes for my kid. I zeroed on two pieces and mentioned that I wanted to show them to my wife before I choose one of the two items. At this, the shopkeeper immediately packed both of them for me. He said, you take both along with you and pay for just one of them and return the one which your wife does not like. He was so friendly that I could not deny the proposal. I tried to leave my contact details with him but he refused to take my number or even ask my name. Good if he trusts all his customers so much! (And I hope he has not charged me more than the worth of two pieces as price of just one of them!)

The ‘feel good’ sentiment about Ahmedabad is shared even by some of my classmates who have never visited this place earlier. However, it does not mean this place is heavenly. Some of my classmates are very upset with the lack of traffic sense. They face lot of difficulties while driving on the city roads. Hope the flyovers (that are under construction) will resolve some of those issues and add to the ‘aaha’ feeling of Ahmedabad!


My visit to International Space Station!

August 19, 2007


You know this is not real! But, I did visit the International Space Station, virtually 🙂

The break after 2 hectic terms was very much required. And the first thing I did was – visit the International Space Station – yesterday. It took just 30 minutes drive from my place and a ticket of Rs. 125/- for a ride of about an hour. I am talking about the 3D movie at IMAX theatre of Gujarat Science City.

I really enjoyed it – it is worth watching once – more because it is in 3D. You feel as if you were really there!

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