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Looking out of the window …

June 12, 2009

… during a recent flight, i had a ‘eureka’ moment!

The background that was visible to me was almost ‘stand still’. So much so that it can deceive anyone into believing the aero-plane is hardly moving.

Where as the fact was – it was moving at a very fast pace – ask the kid on the ground below trying to get a glimpse of the fascinating ‘creature’ (I still stretch out my neck and try to look at the plane every time I hear a flight – especially a helicopter 🙂 Thank GOD, I do not stay very close to the airport!)

When one feels his or her life is boring and not ‘moving at all’ (ruki ruki si zindagi?) maybe it is the same case! It is probably moving at a fast pace towards the destination but it is just that the motion is not apparent from one’s ‘point of view’ 🙂

So, if that is the case, will looking from a different vantage point help and show the ‘big picture’?


All is well that ends well!

June 9, 2009
Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

‘Let’s KNOCK OUT poverty’ – was catchy enough as a theme to create waves on the streets of Bengaluru – despite ours being a small team. Yes! the cool, bright red boxing gloves were integral part of it and I ran the whole of 10km with the gloves always on 🙂

As RangDe team has mentioned on their blog, the marathon was really a ‘knock out’!

I reached the ‘Finish’ line in 1:09:13 [hours:minutes:seconds] and I can definitely attribute few additional minutes to the boxing gloves 🙂

In the process, we raised more than 3 lacs in ‘social investment’ from around 70 investors (out of which at least 60 might be ‘first timer’ investors of RangDe) … This might be just 30% of our BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) but I guess it is decent enough – considering the short time frame and limited people behind the ‘campaign’ … Interestingly, we fetched support from people of several walks of life spread across the globe – a doctor from Ahmedabad, founder of an NGO in US, a CEO from Delhi, a Prof. from IIM-A, a poet-writer from Delhi, a senior Director in IT firm from NY, US, an IT programmer from Mumbai are some examples of diversity …

Do you want to ‘share colors of joy’? Come onboard and join the revolution!