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Miracles galore!

September 30, 2009

We all want to see miracles – especially when we feel ‘we are stuck’ … but we ‘miss’ realizing inumerable ‘miracles’ that are happening every moment all over around us … maybe because ‘miracles’ are too common-place 🙂

And it is true – there are 6 billion+ homo sapiens sapiens on this planet earth! And then we have flora & fauna in multiples of that number! Aren’t they all living miracles ?!

I would like to quote a short article I had read on 

One of the famous sufi, Rabia, once while cooking realized she did not have onions. She is supposed to have said – “I want onion” and there was spring of onion that fell from the sky. Seeing this people said, this is a miracle.

Rabia said, if that is miracle what is the fact that god created onion shops for us to get onions.

I am sure if we rethink our definition of ‘miracle’ we would be able to feel lot more ‘grateful’ 🙂