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from a commoner to a RUNner :-)

November 22, 2008

The wonderful journey ended on 9 Nov.

From being a commoner 4 months back, I can say I am now a RUNner (though novice) with the completion of my first half-marathon last Sunday! I realized that I have RUN more than 300 KMs in the process!

If you think this is great, let me tell you – It is nonthing! … Do not believe me? Then go ahead and read about Santhosh, who went on running for a whole day (yes, 24 hours!) at Bangalore Ultra Marathon (just a week after ADHM) and ran for 156 KM … here on his blog ->

I hope you now agree with me that I am just a ‘drop in the vast ocean’!

After a break of few days, I am back on track (for my 2nd half-marathon on 18 Jan 2009 in Mumbai)

20 Nov – Thu – 3.25 KM in 20 mins.

21 Nov – Fri – 5 KM in 31 mins.

Well, as they say – it is not the end but the beginning 🙂


been there, done that – my first half-marathon!

November 12, 2008

Finally, I completed my first half-marathon!

7.5 Km

10.0 Km

19.3 Km

Finish Time Net

Finish Time Gross

Overall Rank

Category Rank









Thanks a lot to everyone who supported my maiden RUN. It was not exactly like what I planned … let’s see if I can make it in Mumbai half-Marathon (on 18 Jan ’09) 🙂

The one NGO I tried to gather support for is (I will soon share more about it!)

Final countdown – 5 more days!

November 3, 2008
Can You Spot Me?

Can You Spot Me?

Thu – 30 Oct ~ 5 KM in around 30 minutes [in nearby Park]

Sun – 2 Nov – 15 KM in around 85 mins [in real-like conditions] ~ sub 2 hour half-marathon seems to be within reach 🙂 … Truly inspiring highlight of the Festive RUN in Gurgaon was Dr. Ashis Roy (born 1932) … All those who think RUNning is tough, go and read about this ‘young man‘. Y’day, he had an unfortunate slip at the 9KM mark and he started bleeding but he went on to finish his 10KM RUN after applying ice. Hats off to his indomitable spirit!