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my reflections on Kite Flying

January 14, 2008


DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘voluntary’ assignment to add to many reflective submissions I have survived so far. Please do not consider it for grading!

No matter how much I would like to attribute the following ‘insights’ on the pulsating light visualized during repeated Yognindra sessions, my skeptical friends would simply consider it random ramblings resulting out of too much exposure to the sun (and nothing to do with the golden glow!)

While I tried to share with UH the tricks of controlling a kite, I mentioned to her that when a kite is going downwards (or in the direction you do not want it to go), simply give it more rope (as opposed to the normal tendency of tightening the rope). It will soon reverse its course and come back. And Ahaa! It clicked to me that this is exactly the case when we deal with kids. The more you try to tighten the controls, the more they indulge in the acts you do not want them to. Simply give them more rope and they will come back to the ‘right track’.

The other insight was related to the professional life 🙂 This is what I casually remarked to MY when he was struggling to keep the kite under control (and even using its instability as an excuse of not handing the control over to SK) – “Just like the kite, organization strategies need continuous tweaking” (It is not just MY who has paid 10L to earn the rights of making analogies. Even I am on the same boat!)

Now, enough of my reflections. BN, why are you silent these days? If you are loosing your creativity then why don’t you join the YogNindra sessions? If you are struggling for topics, then may I suggest ‘Reflections on Autopsy’? 🙂