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Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!!

December 25, 2008



Thanks to ‘Maitree’ (meaning ‘Friendship’) – employee welfare initiative of TCS – I got to play ‘Santa’ for the 180 odd underprivileged kids of local NGO – Saksham.

I have been going there for many Saturdays … through TeachIndia. We have even got the kids enjoy the RUNs organized by Maitree wanted to spread happiness this Christmas and I suggested this place and it was a wonderful event despite short notice and not much of planning.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

(ha ha hi hi) ho ho ho!!!


Until we all win, we all loose!

December 19, 2008
I became a social investor with RangDe sometime back …
Below is my article published in’s Dec 2008 newsletter

Recently, I came across a quote ‘Until we all win, we all loose!’ (It was in the context of the current global turmoil that has been supposedly triggered by greed)

It made me wonder why people behave out of scarcity mentality. Some may argue that ‘survival of the fittest’ compels one to be selfish and think only about oneself. It might be true deep in the sea that the big fish swallows the small one. ‘Survival of the fittest’ might be the only law applicable in a jungle. But, the world of human interaction is neither a deep sea nor a dense forest that one is compelled to be selfish and think only about oneself!

We humans are gifted with an amazing brain – we need not behave the way animals do!

Let’s assume there are 10 people and 1000 food-grains among them. In such a scenario, there are 3 basic options available to them:

1. They all can fight amongst each other and the lone survivor will eat all of them till he needs or the grains get spoiled. Certainly a barbaric option!

2. A better one but still a short-sighted option would be they all share 100 grains, eat them and then starve to death later!

3. The best & wisest option would be they all get together and keep aside a portion of the grains with which they cultivate more such grains for the future and survive on the remaining portion.

Now, isn’t that what creative human brains should do? This is what truly means ‘increasing the size of the pie’ OR ‘having the pie and eating it too!’

I feel that many of problems faced by today’s world (be it terrorism or be it food riots) have their roots in ignoring the fact that ‘Until we all win, we all loose’. As long as the gap between the richest and the poorest is huge and the people at the bottom of the pyramid are ‘exploited’, there would be ‘incentives’ for a few to resort to ways that are not ‘harmonious and peaceful’. Do not think that I am trying to promote ‘socialism’ here. I strongly feel that it does pay to provide ample opportunities to climb up the ladder and enjoy the comforts of higher order to those who have capability but scarce resources.

When I came across, I was delighted to see how it is applying technology to contribute (in its own humble ways) in ensuring each one of us wins!



What’s happening with the Mumbai RUN?

15 Dec – 11 KM ~ 65 min

18 Dec – 5 KM ~ 30 min

is this ‘The Secret’ in action before i knew it?

December 10, 2008


I have mentioned earlier that I will some day share my views on ‘The Secret’ Law of Attraction … so, here comes my story of ‘The Secret’ – In action; before I even heard about the book.

I strongly feel – whether you call it ‘The Secret’ Law of Attraction OR Power of Subconcious Mind OR Positive Intentions OR whatever – there is definitely truth in ‘you are the creator of your destiny’ saying

In my college days, I was highly influenced by a Gujarati book ‘Manvi na man’ (meaning ‘Minds of Humans’) or ‘Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do’ or works of Swami Vivekananda … And I have seen many things come my way – just by the power of thoughts … Some may consider few instances as mere coincidence or even ‘craziness’ of a ‘mungerilal’ but I do not have problem in being ‘crazy’ if it brings positive results to me!

Moreover, the one particular instance that I am going to share here is about attracting ‘something so huge’ that even skeptics would want to think about it … Let me now jump to the actual story –

I was fascinated by a (Gujarati) Science magazine for children (Safari) … and one piece on hot-air ballooning made me dreaming about ‘how nice it would be to experience a ride in one such vessel?’ … I do not recall the exact time lag between the day I read about it and the day I saw a small note (hidden in some corner) in a local newspaper saying – ‘Hot-Air balloon comes to city to provide joy ride to college students’ but it was definitely soon!

I was already on cloud nine and grabbed the opportunity by reaching the venue on next morning (a Sunday) … I reached near the place in public transport and was happily surprised to see a classmate ‘waiting’ on his scooter just as I stepped down the local city bus. Why I consider it a ‘blessing in disguise’ today? Because I did not know him well enough – neither do I recollect his face (and nor did I know his name even then) – but I believe he was there (while the ‘universe’ was re-arranging itself to ‘attract’ the balloon ride) for me! He said he too come there to enjoy the joy ride of a hot-air balloon and I hopped on his vehicle to reach the University campus at the place mentioned in the advert.

Reaching there, we figured out that the information was sent out to all colleges well in advance and that students who had a document signed by the Principal (Head) of their respective college will only be considered for the ride. However, someone was kind enough to mention that we can be included if we can get the said document signed by our College Principal (then and there on the early Sunday morning). Do you now get that why I mentioned my so-called friend as a boon? Yes, he had the two-wheeler – and he even knew where the residence of Principal wa – and we were soon back at the venue with the required documentation (duely signed by the Head of our College)! 🙂 BUT, only to hear that the ride has been postponed to next day – due to bad weather. 😦

If the balloon had come to my city then how can I not take the pains of trying for the ‘joy ride’ again on next day? I reached the place on time again (in local city bus) but it was the same story – the ride was postponed once again – due to bad weather.

I do not know for how many days I kept on trying. They even changed the venue in the process (and I think I had also hurt one of the arms in the meantime). BUT, I finally enjoyed the ‘ultimate joy ride in a hot-air balloon – right in my city – free of cost!’. Now, I would definitely like to call it ‘The Secret – In action, even before I heard about it’ – I had attracted the hot-air balloon to my city!

I truly believe the vast universe is like a genie which constantly keeps whispering ‘Your wish is my command!’ – Go ahead and ASK … Don’t be shy or do not feel limited in what you can attract! ENJOY!

(Are you really surprised to know that my dear friend did not show up ever after the first day – the only time when I needed his help?!)

just RUN updates

December 1, 2008

26 Nov – Wed – ~ 5 KM

27 Nov – Thu – Stretching for around 20 mins

28 Nov – Fri – ~ 6.5 KM in 39 mins

1 Dec – Mon – ~ 9 KM in 52 mins