is ‘The Secret’ still a secret?

i have found Law of Attraction as mentioned in ‘The Secret‘ very interesting … in fact, i think it is another way of few beliefs i already had (and i have seen it operational in several of my personal experiences)

one of the things it emphasizes is – focus on what you want and not on something you want to get rid of šŸ™‚ …

What I feel is – despite of it being talked about by so many people for 5 odd years, ‘The Secret’ seems to be still a secret to few šŸ˜¦

And, why do I feel so? I recently noticed that ‘The world’s most popular goals’ on 43Things has ‘lose weight’ on number 1 position – and ‘get in shape’ way down at 31 … so, clearly the website’s user are not utilising ‘The Law of Attraction’ to its full potential.

what is your story?

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One Response to “is ‘The Secret’ still a secret?”

  1. Hardik Dhokai Says:

    hi Harsh,
    I heard about this law around 2 years back and start practicing it. And this just change my life magically…
    Now I can have whatever I want within time. It’s simply a magic of human mind.
    I really like that you are sharing this knowledge to all.
    Keep going. šŸ™‚

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