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Ho Ho Ho!

December 7, 2009

Chip Time
872 1543 00:40:39 00:38:57

Above result is for my London Santa 6KM Run (5 Dec. 2009)

Santa is still looking for your help … please support the charity here (I have to submit the collection by 31st Jan 2010!)

And, season’s greetings to all in advance 🙂 ho ho ho !!!

Santa needs your help!

November 14, 2009

That's me! (Christmas '08)

After participating in all the 3 RUNs of India in 2009 that will now be labelled ‘Gold’ by IAAF, I plan to participate in London Santa RUN on 5th of Dec …

I like to RUN but it is even more fun if I can dedicate it to some cause – so, I look forward to your support in fund-raising for the charity who are behind its organization. Read more here and just give 🙂

Thanking you in anticipation, HO HO HO!

3 x 21.097

November 1, 2009
OverAll Rank
Category Rank
Split @ 10K
Split @ 20K
Finish Time/
 Chip Time
2905 7464 2397 01:00:37 02:28:50 02:47:31 / 02:39:46

 The above statistics about my 3rd half-marathon here in Delhi (on 1st Nov.) shows this was better than then the one I did in runner-un-friendly weather of Mumbai but my 1st one was the best!


Do you RUN?

20 weeks to a Marathon!

July 9, 2009
1 Rest 5 km 5 6 R 4 8
2 R 5 5 6 R 4 10
3 R 5 5 Cross Train (40 min) R 5 11
4 R 5 6 Cross Train (40 min) R 6 10
5 R 5 7 Cross Train (40 min) R 6 13
6 R 5 8 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 15
7 R 5 8 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 16
8 R 8 8 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 19
9 R 8 5 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 21 (1/2 Marathon)
10 R 8 5 10 R 6 15
11 R 8 10 5 R 6 24
12 R 8 R 13 R 8 26
13 R 8 14 5 R 6 22
14 R 8 14 8 R 8 28
15 R 8 R 8 R 8 30
16 R 8 16 8 R 8 22
17 R 8 R 8 R 8 32
18 R 8 13 8 R 8 22
19 R 6 10 8 R 8 13
20 R 5 6 R R 3 42.2 (Marathon)

Above is a 20 week training schedule for full marathon (Source:

If you intend to follow this for the Mumbai marathon on 17th Jan 2010, then you should start from 1st Sep 2009.

All is well that ends well!

June 9, 2009
Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

‘Let’s KNOCK OUT poverty’ – was catchy enough as a theme to create waves on the streets of Bengaluru – despite ours being a small team. Yes! the cool, bright red boxing gloves were integral part of it and I ran the whole of 10km with the gloves always on 🙂

As RangDe team has mentioned on their blog, the marathon was really a ‘knock out’!

I reached the ‘Finish’ line in 1:09:13 [hours:minutes:seconds] and I can definitely attribute few additional minutes to the boxing gloves 🙂

In the process, we raised more than 3 lacs in ‘social investment’ from around 70 investors (out of which at least 60 might be ‘first timer’ investors of RangDe) … This might be just 30% of our BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) but I guess it is decent enough – considering the short time frame and limited people behind the ‘campaign’ … Interestingly, we fetched support from people of several walks of life spread across the globe – a doctor from Ahmedabad, founder of an NGO in US, a CEO from Delhi, a Prof. from IIM-A, a poet-writer from Delhi, a senior Director in IT firm from NY, US, an IT programmer from Mumbai are some examples of diversity …

Do you want to ‘share colors of joy’? Come onboard and join the revolution!


May 25, 2009

I did not raise 1 lac by 23rd May 😦 … but the good news is – the last date has been shifted – and I have 2 more days 🙂

I am back on the track! – 7km (in 49 minutes) on 25 May … I took about 7 minutes per km but it is OK considering the unexpected break … I have never RUN so late in the evening – the nearby park looks great even in the dark 🙂

I now need to raise – 51k in next 2 days! People – it is not charity – it is (social) investment – you will get your money back – so please be generous — and Support online!

just a drop in the ocean …

May 14, 2009

I was humbled today to read about this Marathon Effort

It made me feel – whatever I am trying to do is ‘just a drop in the vast sea’ …

Training is going great – as usual 🙂 … 9 May – 6.5km & 12 May – 6km

FundRaising efforts still need your kind and generous support (I have positive response from so many well wishers and help from some surprise quarters as well – but firm committments are still low)

I still need to raise – 80k from 192 more ‘social investors’ in just 9 more days!

Will you please chip in?

miles to go …

May 5, 2009

Pattu is skilled in making of bags and flower pots using plastic wires. She makes lot of these goods and sells them in the weekly market. Since she did not have money to invest, she was not able to produce more goods even though she has enough demand.

Dhanabakiam is an ‘established’ tailor and she is now getting regular orders for uniforms from schools & bags from textile and fancy stores. She wants to increase her sales by buying a new embroidery machine.

Neither of them wants to give up their dignity and get burdened with the obligation of ‘donation’ or ‘charity’ 😦

A ‘social investment’ helps them be a WINNER in their own right! 🙂

However, there are about 200 such ‘borrowers’ awaiting their turn to be the next WINNER … will you please ‘share the colors of joy’ & help?

Support the cause of RangDe by clicking here!

Remember – ‘Until we all win; we all loose!’

How is my training going on? Great! [4km on 30 Apr; 7km on 3 May; 5km on 5 May]

How are my ‘social investment’ stats looking? Well, I need lot of support from you! [Yet to reach out to 195 more ‘investors’ for Rs. 83.5k within next 18 days]

so far …

April 28, 2009

… i have completed 3 weeks of the 8-week self-training schedule for the 31st May RUN!

21 Apr – Tue – 4km
23 Apr – Thu – 3km
26 Apr – Sun – 5km
28 Apr – Tue – 5km

And to meet my goal I need 196 more social investors and additional Rs. 84,000/- (in social investment) in the next 25 days! Please HELP! 🙂

TiA … still need to raise 95k

April 20, 2009

Thanking in Anticipation … assuming you have reached this blog with an intention to help me for a cause in raising Rs. 1,00,000/- of social investment for NGO RangDe by running in Bangalore Marathon! 🙂

There have been requests from all over – asking me how they can chip in … so let me list down the ways you can do so

1) You can directly go to RangDe’s website and instantly become a social investor by providing credit card details … [if you do so, just let me know the amount you invest – so that I can update my pledge target accordingly … just leave a comment for that]

2) You can send a check/draft drawn in favor of “RangDe Org” to my home address …

3) You can also give me cash (or maybe transfer it to my bank a/c) …

Again, just post a comment for options 2 & 3 above (so that I get your email address) and I will send more details by reply (within 24 days on a working day)

I am eagerly awaiting the 4th and most easy option … the Bangalore Marathon event organizers are going to enable ‘pledge online’ feature … I will soon share that as soon as it is working.

Till then, I request you to kindly support me in above mentioned ways … (some checks are supposed to be in the snail mail but still I am very far from my target … so act fast and also share this with your friends)

Vital Stats (only counting things that are in my hand as confirmed)
Days remaining – 35
Investment to raise – 95,000/- (INR)
Investors to be reached – 199 (and Aamir is still to be contacted) 🙂