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a ‘marathon’ with more fun than run

May 15, 2010

I had registered for the Mississauga Marathon and it was supposed to be my first ever 42.2 km RUN … but then Boston happened and I had time of my life on 19 April … 🙂

After that, I had not run (except for reaching GO Train station in time) and so I decided to ‘tone down’ my participation in just the quarter-marathon (or rather 10KM) category of the event … which meant there was only one-fourth running to be done from my side — but we gathered a team and volunteered (to supply water/gatorade) at a beautiful location and contributed (in our own little ways) to the marathoners in their accomplishment – and thereby quadrupled the FUN! 🙂

someday, i am thinking – should i pick up any new hobby(ies)? – do let me know if you have some good ideas to consider [this does not mean i will give up running – if Boston comes calling, who can say no 🙂 ]

it is more than just 26.2 miles

April 19, 2010

Finally, I conquered the legendary ‘heartbreak hill’ at Boston Marathon!

The day arrived and I was in Boston on 17th April …  you can feel the enthusiasm in the air … the hotel was buzzing with Boston Marathon contestants from all over the globe.

When I heard several participants are stuck in Europe (because of the ‘global gridlock’ caused as a result of the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland), I realized how important is the grace of the almighty from all aspects.

Seeing the video of the whole course of the marathon (at the expo on 18th April) did bring up some fears in small little corner of my heart – will I be able to make it? (after it was my first ever marathon run – and i did not get chance to prepare as much as i would have loved to) … the visualization of the FINISH line (through the video) did bring some tears as well.

Woke up the next morning and the weather was just right for the run … I was feeling I was in the best possible shape for this … Walked about a mile to reach the point of pickup from where the school buses ‘transported’ about 25k+ participants to the START line … Many were finding the weather little chilly … Had to wait for some considerable time (out in the open & early in the morning) before we could get on the buses (but imagine the organization that goes behind the mammoth task) … Enjoyed the bus ride (of about 30-40 minutes) and relaxed as much as possible

On reaching the starting point (athlete’s village), I had enough time to freshen up, get in the running attire and store the things in the baggage area before the Wave 2 (in which I was supposed to start) officially begin to RUN at 10:30 am.

While waiting, borrowed a marker from someone at the last minute and wrote my name on my t-shirt and INDIA on my right shoulder — this really turned out to be a wonderful thing to do. This thing got thousands of spectators to cheer me saying ‘Go HARSH Go’ or ‘Go INDIA Go’ all throughout the course … I was really ‘touched’ (Even literally, oh so many people touched me and i touched so many people on the whole route)

How can I not mention the ‘scream tunnel’ formed by the Wellesley college girls with ‘Kiss me’ placards in their hands – did I kiss anyone? Yes and No – with FINISH line (and my wife) in my mind – I settled with flying kisses … (and later looking at the ‘timing’ that I achieved, I was glad I did not ‘indulge’ – otherwise I might have missed my personal deadline of 6 hours)

27539 Thakkar, Harsh H.   M     CANADA INDIA  
Checkpoints 5k 10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
0:27:32 0:56:54 1:28:59 2:12:06 2:20:48 2:58:41 3:57:02 4:46:31 5:35:53
Finish Pace Projected Time Official Time Overall Gender Division
0:13:32   5:54:22 22434 13022 4636

Boston people were really amazing – I was exhausted at couple of places and I do feel i might not have reached the FINISH line without there never ending support. Thank YOU – Boston, Everyone & ALMIGHTY 🙂

[If you are interested, keep watching – I plan to share more here]

here i come, boston!

March 4, 2010

It maybe unbelievable – but its true!

I will be running the Boston Marathon on 19th April 2010!

It is The Secret behind all the miracles 🙂 I am truly grateful to the almighty!

Kindly support my journey to Boston – keep watching this space for more. Thank You!

Ho Ho Ho!

December 7, 2009

Chip Time
872 1543 00:40:39 00:38:57

Above result is for my London Santa 6KM Run (5 Dec. 2009)

Santa is still looking for your help … please support the charity here (I have to submit the collection by 31st Jan 2010!)

And, season’s greetings to all in advance 🙂 ho ho ho !!!

3 x 21.097

November 1, 2009
OverAll Rank
Category Rank
Split @ 10K
Split @ 20K
Finish Time/
 Chip Time
2905 7464 2397 01:00:37 02:28:50 02:47:31 / 02:39:46

 The above statistics about my 3rd half-marathon here in Delhi (on 1st Nov.) shows this was better than then the one I did in runner-un-friendly weather of Mumbai but my 1st one was the best!


Do you RUN?

20 weeks to a Marathon!

July 9, 2009
1 Rest 5 km 5 6 R 4 8
2 R 5 5 6 R 4 10
3 R 5 5 Cross Train (40 min) R 5 11
4 R 5 6 Cross Train (40 min) R 6 10
5 R 5 7 Cross Train (40 min) R 6 13
6 R 5 8 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 15
7 R 5 8 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 16
8 R 8 8 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 19
9 R 8 5 Cross Train (60 min) R 6 21 (1/2 Marathon)
10 R 8 5 10 R 6 15
11 R 8 10 5 R 6 24
12 R 8 R 13 R 8 26
13 R 8 14 5 R 6 22
14 R 8 14 8 R 8 28
15 R 8 R 8 R 8 30
16 R 8 16 8 R 8 22
17 R 8 R 8 R 8 32
18 R 8 13 8 R 8 22
19 R 6 10 8 R 8 13
20 R 5 6 R R 3 42.2 (Marathon)

Above is a 20 week training schedule for full marathon (Source:

If you intend to follow this for the Mumbai marathon on 17th Jan 2010, then you should start from 1st Sep 2009.

All is well that ends well!

June 9, 2009
Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

‘Let’s KNOCK OUT poverty’ – was catchy enough as a theme to create waves on the streets of Bengaluru – despite ours being a small team. Yes! the cool, bright red boxing gloves were integral part of it and I ran the whole of 10km with the gloves always on 🙂

As RangDe team has mentioned on their blog, the marathon was really a ‘knock out’!

I reached the ‘Finish’ line in 1:09:13 [hours:minutes:seconds] and I can definitely attribute few additional minutes to the boxing gloves 🙂

In the process, we raised more than 3 lacs in ‘social investment’ from around 70 investors (out of which at least 60 might be ‘first timer’ investors of RangDe) … This might be just 30% of our BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) but I guess it is decent enough – considering the short time frame and limited people behind the ‘campaign’ … Interestingly, we fetched support from people of several walks of life spread across the globe – a doctor from Ahmedabad, founder of an NGO in US, a CEO from Delhi, a Prof. from IIM-A, a poet-writer from Delhi, a senior Director in IT firm from NY, US, an IT programmer from Mumbai are some examples of diversity …

Do you want to ‘share colors of joy’? Come onboard and join the revolution!

did i make it?

May 28, 2009


If you are eager to know – let me tell you – the answer is — Yes 🙂 & No 😦

Some 7-8 weeks back, I embarked on a journey to raise ‘social’ investment (not charity) for the NGO that is working to eradicate poverty through MicroCredit –

I took up the challenge to raise Rs. 1,00,000/- from 200 new ‘investors’ and also wanted Aamir Khan to get on board 🙂

Together as RangDe team, we have raised about 3 lac … we have not yet got 200 new investors but a figure of 50-60 is good enough … and, yes – Aamir Khan is not yet back from his vacation 😦

Thanks a lot to all those who supported in every possible way. I heartily appreciate all the encouragement as well as help that I have received from all over.

The cause is worth and hence I request you all to keep supporting the rural microentrepreneurs irrespective of the deadline and target that was set for a ‘Care Champion’!

Here I come, Bengaluru 🙂

PS: Happy 37th anniversary – Mom & Dad!


May 25, 2009

I did not raise 1 lac by 23rd May 😦 … but the good news is – the last date has been shifted – and I have 2 more days 🙂

I am back on the track! – 7km (in 49 minutes) on 25 May … I took about 7 minutes per km but it is OK considering the unexpected break … I have never RUN so late in the evening – the nearby park looks great even in the dark 🙂

I now need to raise – 51k in next 2 days! People – it is not charity – it is (social) investment – you will get your money back – so please be generous — and Support online!

quick update :)

May 22, 2009

Oops … my RUN training hit a minor roadblock – there was this mysterious pain in the back/neck which troubled me the past week – Thank GOD, its gone now! And I am confident 10k on 31st is going to be a ‘cakewalk’

Raising ‘social investments’ for RangDe too needs your prayers 🙂 Raising 72k from 186 more ’social investors’ in just one more day may seem impossible … but I am hopeful 🙂

Do you know why? – I am going to a dinner event tomorrow … Yes, I may not meet 186 people out there but I will not be surprised if I meet atleast the other target (by raising required 72k) … After all, GOD moves in a mysterious way!