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5th feather and more …

March 21, 2009

I had earlier listed four (Indian) 1-year MBA programs by IIMs for experienced professionals … here

EPGP by IIM Indore is the 5th feather in the cap … (Apply before 15 April)!

I know the following similar non-IIM programs (in no particular order)

ISB – Hyderabad
XLRI’s GMP – Jamshedpur
Great Lakes – Chennai
S P Jain – Mumbai/Dubai/Singapore

Do you know more? – Please share details/links (in the form of comments) for the above mentioned or some new ones …

Fantastic 4 (MBA programs by IIMs in India)!

July 28, 2008

My blog statistic reveals that the most viewed articles are How to get in IIM-A’s PGPX – Random FAQ and How IIM-A’s PGPX compares to world b-schools

It means that people end up on my pages when they are looking for some information about MBA programs in India … I apologize to all such readers for not writing too much on related topics in the recent past. Let me try to rectify the missout by sharing a useful information.

Not many may be aware that IIMs across India have followed suit by announcing 1 year programs for experienced professionals (similar to the PGPX of IIM-A)

Now, there are 4 such programs (I have included only programs floated by IIMs)

1. PGPX from IIM Ahmedabad was the first such program. The 3rd batch is currently in progress and the deadline to fill up the application for 4th batch (2009-10) is August 11th 2008.

2. PGPEX from IIM Calcutta was the next in line. The application process for its 3rd batch will end soon!

3. IPMX from IIM Lucknow conducted at their Noida campus is the third such program. Not many are aware that its first batch is already under progress (I guess the website of IIML’s Noida Campus is currently having some problems 😦 )

4. And now, the yet-to-be-christened 1-year full time Postgraduate Program in Management has been announced by IIM B! You can see the one page information on their website here

I am sure the option of four 1 year programs from IIMs on the lines of global MBAs provides ample choices to experienced professionals looking for b-school education.

All the best to wannabe MBAs!

Disclaimer: These are just my views. Please check relevant official websites for any detailed/updated information.

in ToI, this time with a photo

March 17, 2008

My Samskrita lessons help me get in the ToI Ahmedabad once again, this time with a photo though 🙂

Paper -Times of India; Date – 17 March 2008; Edition – Ahmedabad; Page – 3

URL (Navigate to Page 3) –

Now, wannabe corporate honchos take Sanskrit lessons

Vasundhara Vyas | TNN

Ahmedabad: What could be the best way to end a full-time, extremely exhausting course in the most prestigious management institute of the country…a week spent at a luxury holiday resort, meeting family or pampering one self in a spa?
    Not for these 10 students of Post Graduate Programme for Executive (PGPX) at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), as they have made the most of this spare time to learn more.
    These students have taken to learning Sanskrit and by the end of the two-week crash course, most have even started conversing, well almost, in the language. The Sanskrit course concluded on Sunday.

    “It was the initiation of one of our classmates that the course was introduced. I had a tough time with the language in my school days, but I thought taking another chance with it again. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. It makes me feel really proud that I made a gen
uine attempt and even succeeded in learning one of the ancient languages in the world,” said Raju Kumaravolu, one of the participants of the course.
    The course was conducted by instructors from Sanskrit Bharti, Ahmedabad. Vaidyananthan Ramachan
dran, the student who initiated the Sanskrit learning in the batch, said, “It was during one such initiative in my previous firm that I started learning Sanskrit four years ago. Today, I am absolutely fluent in the language.”
    Ramachandran said, “It was a discussion with my friends about how we are growing away from our roots and scriptures. Knowledge of Sanskrit gives you access to a world which was extremely scientific and advanced. The simple way of learning the language is the natural way — hear it, speak it and then write it.”
    The participants of the course include the PGPX students and their family members. There are houses in IIMA where the whole family is trying to converse in Sanskrit.

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं …

March 15, 2008


Today marks the completion of our wonderful journey called PGPX!

While I read the entry for March 15 in the blue book ‘Opening Doors Within‘ by Eileen Caddy, I am amazed by the striking relevance of the sentences …

‘… There is much waiting to unfold; it has only just begun. Imagine the wonders and beauties, undreamed of as yet, that are waiting to reveal themselves! It will be like stepping into a new world with new ways, new laws, new ideas …‘ How true?

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं


पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय


 (om purnam adah purnam idam

purna-at purnam udachyate

purna-sya purnam adaya

purnam evavasishyate


That is complete, This is complete
From complete, The complete has emerged
Giving completeness of complete
The complete remains.

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः॥

अहम् संस्कृतम् पठामि॥

March 6, 2008


Thanks to the efforts of a volunteer from, I am learning Sanskrit …

I have learnt it in school days, but this is different … He teaches us how to speak in Sanskrit!

Below are few wonderful lines that I have translated with the tutor’s help

यदा अन्तिमः वृक्षः कर्तितः भविष्यति,

यदा अन्तिमा नदी विषयुक्ता भविष्यति,

यदा अन्तिमः मीनः गृहीतः भविष्यति,

तदैव भवन्तः  ज्ञास्यति यत्, धनं खादीतुं न शक्यते ॥

Want to know what exactly this means? Then select the white space below this line and see for yourself 🙂

only after the last tree has been cut down,
only after the last river has been poisoned,
only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you realize that MONEY CANNOT BE EATEN!

नमो नम:॥

how to enjoy & still not stumble?

February 10, 2008

Another dose of reflection or insight, huh?

Well, how can a trip to Gir & Girnar on a dark starlit night go without any inspiration?

It was a wonderful experience while we were all getting down the Girnar hills.

Only couple of days had passed after the No Moon’s day. We walked on stony path for maybe quarter of an hour and reached a somewhat plain open area, all in the ‘beautiful’ darkness. It was couple of hours after the sunset and the weather was quiet cold (unusual for a day in February) but the uphill walk on the mountain terrain had generated enough body heat to make me take off my jacket. We then closed our eyes and tried to meditate in the serene environment. The silence and the environment were truly blissful. We could even ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the wind moving from one side to another.

Then came the beautiful sound from a distance – it was the ‘vaishnav jan’ instrumental tune. It was so pleasing to the ears that I wanted it to go on and on. I felt that it was coming from quiet a distance but that was not true. The source of sound kept coming closer till the guy playing it (on cell phone or recorder?) was just next to me. The experience of silence and then the soothing music lasted for minutes but I wanted more of it.

We then started to walk down the hill. We were instructed to walk in pairs (there was a wild animal nearby and probably that is the reason we had to stop the meditation and leave the place). While walking down the hill we had to strain our eyes in the dark to avoid tumbling on the uneven rocks. However, I chanced to take my attention off the path and look up towards the star studded sky … Wow! What an enchanting sight it was?

It then clicked to me — doesn’t this happen many times in our lives? We are so busy worrying about not stumbling on the path that we forget to look up & enjoy the big picture — the masterpiece called life!

But, then you cannot even risk stumbling on such a path in the dangerous darkness … so what’s the solution? Well, it is really easy … do what we were suggested to do in the dark jungle — hold hand of someone else and go in pairs!

I am sure holding hand of someone else will keep both of you safe while giving you the chance to even look up! (Even the law of probability suggests that chances of both looking up at one time will be half then what it is when you are walking alone)

Let’s reach out and hold hands of our own fellows, but don’t clinch them too hard 🙂

i make it to the ToI Ahmedabad

February 7, 2008
IIM-A students on creative leadership trip to Gir


(7 Feb 2008; Page 7)

Ahmedabad: Over 30 participants of the postgraduate programme for executives at IIM-A are headed to Gir forest and Girnar. The trip has been planned as a part of creative leadership course and the batch leaves campus by Friday.
   The course is a advance level elective course. It will be conducted by Krishnesh Mehta, faculty of Industrial Design and Strategic Design Management at NID. The course has been designed very specifically to inspire innovative leadership through the use of latest neuro-scientific understanding.
   The unique teaching methodology is based on experiential format where participants have to practice ‘brain physiology altering techniques’ drawn from the latest in modern science like sound light entertainmentresonance, neuro-psychoacoustics to the best of ancient techniques. The activities draw inspiration from Indian ancient scriptures and other works from abroad. The trip to the Girnar and Gir jungle on the coming weekend is the practical for this course.
   “The course has generated huge interest in our class and created an impact. Participants believe this has contributed immensely to their personal growth. The course relies on experiential component and hence creates contexts and environments around which people can experience,” said Harsh Thakkar, class coordinator.
   “These techniques are going to help us boost our emotional and spiritual quotient.” says Rita Gupta, one of the participants of the course.

my reflections on Kite Flying

January 14, 2008


DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘voluntary’ assignment to add to many reflective submissions I have survived so far. Please do not consider it for grading!

No matter how much I would like to attribute the following ‘insights’ on the pulsating light visualized during repeated Yognindra sessions, my skeptical friends would simply consider it random ramblings resulting out of too much exposure to the sun (and nothing to do with the golden glow!)

While I tried to share with UH the tricks of controlling a kite, I mentioned to her that when a kite is going downwards (or in the direction you do not want it to go), simply give it more rope (as opposed to the normal tendency of tightening the rope). It will soon reverse its course and come back. And Ahaa! It clicked to me that this is exactly the case when we deal with kids. The more you try to tighten the controls, the more they indulge in the acts you do not want them to. Simply give them more rope and they will come back to the ‘right track’.

The other insight was related to the professional life 🙂 This is what I casually remarked to MY when he was struggling to keep the kite under control (and even using its instability as an excuse of not handing the control over to SK) – “Just like the kite, organization strategies need continuous tweaking” (It is not just MY who has paid 10L to earn the rights of making analogies. Even I am on the same boat!)

Now, enough of my reflections. BN, why are you silent these days? If you are loosing your creativity then why don’t you join the YogNindra sessions? If you are struggling for topics, then may I suggest ‘Reflections on Autopsy’? 🙂

i survived …

December 6, 2007

Well friends, it is not about vegetarian food once again …

I want to share my experience of an exciting challenge that I survived!

I was not fully aware of what’s going to happen when I signed up for the 24 hour Business Concept Challenge (part of Inspiration Week Live) … The agenda was more clear only when I received the detailed email – few days prior to the event (It read ‘Keep in mind that we do not supply a place to sleep or shower. In other words, you will not be able to sleep or shower because you will be developing concepts for 24hrs’)

It reminded me of the ‘threat’ we were subjected to while signing up for the MCC course. However, it was nothing compared to the threat of going to the dark forests and facing the wild animals (who turned out to be too body concious -maybe because of the moonlight- and never showed up!)


The event was hosted in the ADO soccer stadium of The Hague (or Den Haag). It started with introduction of around 70 participants. Most of the students were related to ‘entrepreneurship’ course in some way. Some of them were young (in their 20’s)  and  were ‘on their own’. I was the only ‘un-Dutch-able’ participant (and had to keep them reminding to talk in English becuase their ‘cough’-ing language reminded me of BAFA BAFA simulation)

Dr. Cheek from Kauffman Foundation (US) kicked off the event with inspiring talk on entrepreneurship. He mentioned the interesting trend in the US where many people are setting up their businesses while there are still in the school. He mentioned a book that profiles very young entrepreneurs from the US (is this it?). However, my fellow PGPXers – don’t get disheartened – we are never too late for starting our own business (Dr. Cheek himself – a double PH.D. – or PHenomenally Dumb as per him – is still thinking of starting his own venture next year)


Then started the all-night challenge. They divided us in teams of 3-4 and assigned some questions to build a business around that. The two ex-army event co-ordinators kept us awake throughout the night with their PPTs filled with war-related videos. They tried to claim that things taught in ‘MBA’ are not new. It is just new avtaar of MDMP (Military Decision Making Process) being practised for long.

At 5 or 6 in the morning, when I was feeling like a zombie, they made us exercise & run round the stadium in chiling cold!

All in all – it was an interesting learning experience – meeting enthusiastic participants, innovative companys and exploring the demonstrations.

 Well, what are the hardships that I survived?

– I was out of the bed for 40 hours at a stretch and I survived only on few Pepsi, 1-2 kanzi apples, a cup of (innovative!) potato soup, several packs of Lays chips and some chocolate bars!

Moreover, I had not visited our B&B owner’s princely bathroom for 50 hours and still thanks to the popular Unilever product – aXe (see, every good thing in life has an ‘X’ in it!) no one around me fainted!

PS: One interesting dichotomy I was exposed to – these guys want to eat all living things – but they want to make sure that before it goes in their stomach it had a ‘happy life’! What a strange world – haven’t they heard of anything called ‘vegetables/grains/non-living eatables’ ?!?

Om Shantim Om or Haribol?

November 20, 2007

Here’s a trivia for you –

Q. What happens when French people resort to the only ‘weapon’ (of strike) popularized by non-violent Mahatma Gandhiji?

A. Plans of meticulous AP go haywire and he returns back to the Netherlands earlier than he wanted to 😦

Well, this may not be a good one … but it is a good entry point for me to jump into the weekend saga 🙂

If this TDH placecomer had to leave for India in a frustrated mood, then it would be detremental for the collective good of our class (especially with his PGPX marketing lined up). Realizing this, I jeopardized all my laundry plans and eagerly accepted the offer of joining him to Madurodam on Saturday. It was a great fun to see all the landmarks of Holland in 1:25 miniature models. In the evening, on the way to Indian restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to hear Indian songs on FM radio playing in the taxi (operated by probably a guy from Pakistan)


Sunday afternoon was even more fun. We can see a revolving elevator going up and down the Space Tower of Euromast (highest building of Rotterdam at ~185 meters) whenever we peep out of the window of our B&B. But, it was really exciting (!?) to zoom on our ‘Buckingham Palace’ (as nicknamed by SS)  and see if we can take pictures of the towels drying on our beds from the top of that landmark!

While planning for the evening, we evaluated two diametrically opposite options. There was an option to view the bollywood flick Om Shanti Om –OR– to attend evening program at ISKCON temple of Rotterdam. The temple website (all in Dutch) mentions about ‘vegetarische prasadam’ and this made the choice a no-brainer; given the fact that all 5½ of us are ‘vegetarische’ – if you do not know what it means then it means you have not read my last blog 😦

After treading a zig-zag route, we finally reached the temple and started enjoying the bhajans (with one eye on the clock – waiting for the time for prasadam). But, we could not stand the all-dutch rituals (even the announcements) for long and thought of fulfilling our hunger in a nearby Pakistani restaurant – when a ‘bhakt’ came to us and tried to stop us from leaving (with help of his broken hindi dialect). He too used the bait of ‘prasadam’ (how well he understood that even religious projects are not complete without any ‘stipend’)

Finally, it was time for ‘prasadam’ and we were happy about the choice we had made. The prasadam was indeed good & filling (much better than our experiments with microwave). The ‘bhakts’ kept on serving different items till we had to say ‘pet mange no more’. I do not mind sitting on the floor and eating like monks (in one disposable dish) if I can have such prasadam every night.

Anyone interested to join for the Maha-harinam on next Saturday? The tour of city chanting ‘Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’ starts at 1.30 pm and ends at 4 pm; with prasadam, Haribol! 🙂

PS: Yippee!! I could blog two articles in a short span of week! (Is this an impact of staying in B&B owned by a publisher or what?)