grateful for G2 :)




the day started with so many unpleasant events …

i cut my upper lip while shaving (to the extent it kept bleeding till afternoon)

on my way to the GO train station, the head-light of my bike fell off (and i did not have time to stop and collect it)

i was so scarce on time that i could not even lock my bike (had to rush in the train before the doors closed)

all these could certainly make one nervous (if he/she believes in omen & more so if he/she is going to make 3rd attempt at driving road test on the day)

i however, by grace of GOD, could keep cool and ignore everything that can upset …

further, we had to park our car (before the test began) on spot # 13 … and the officials mentioned they are delayed (so it would mean more waiting) …

finally, the test started and i made a (minor) mistake on the first instruction from the examiner (he was not very happy) – but i said to myself ‘no need to worry, everything is going to work out just fine’ …

after 10-15 minutes of further driving, we came to the final stop and he still was explaining the ideal way of executing his first instruction.

When he stopped, i asked ‘what is the result of the test? did i make it?’ and he said ‘YES, you passed!’ …

alllll izzzzz welllll (that endzzz welll) 🙂

and by the way, the (unlocked) bike too was intact in the parking stand (when i returned back) and i happily passed on further gratitude to the Almighty!

PS: Toronto might be in news for G20 & G8 and all that … but G2 is no way related 🙂 .. (as shown in picture above), it is just the Graduate Licence in Ontario province (with which one can drive independently)


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