if hope were dupes, fears maybe liars

if hopes were dupes, fears maybe liars

Recently, I came to see the above verse ( from Say not the Struggle Naught availeth by Arthur Hugh Clough) with a different perspective.

One day in hurry, I locked my bicycle at train station’s bike parking – using the chain with numbered lock – in such a way that it would be easy for anyone to take it away (leaving the lock behind; tied to the pole/stand like a ‘necklace’). I realized (or feared) this only after boarding the train – and could do nothing but to wait till I come back in the evening …

When I returned, as I had hoped – the bike was still there. I am sure no one had thought of ‘stealing’ it – but if at all some passerby had ‘rolled’ his/her eyes on the parking lot with an intention to find some ‘unlocked’ bike for ‘lifting’, he/she might have considered mine as ‘securely’ locked and not fitting his/her category of ‘easy steal’.

And then it occurred to me that many times our ‘fears’ are like ‘improperly used ineffective locks’ … they do not ‘exist’ at all for one who tries. So, fear not and go for your dreams 🙂

[I am certainly not ‘encouraging’ anyone to ‘look harder’ for such bikes ;)]

PS: It seems I remember many more poems (or atleast lines) from my school days than I thought …


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One Response to “if hope were dupes, fears maybe liars”

  1. kevin Says:

    In my work, affluent people tell me all the time that the poor are too lazy to pedal bicycles so my project cannot succeed. I know if I let myself fear it would be all over.

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