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2 + 2 = 5?

February 24, 2010

Imagine if you are in the initial years of schooling and the teacher is trying to explain you elementary mathematics – let’s say addition (probably for the first time) … After she has taught you the basics, she wants to do a little check and asks you what is the answer of 2 + 2 …

And what would be the response if you said ‘5’ … Yes, you are correct! The teacher would have to go through the basics one more time and then pose the same question – “what is 2 + 2 ?” . This will not stop until you come up with the right answer.

And once you do so, you will graduate to what is ‘2+3?’ or ‘3+2?’ or ‘3+3’ 🙂

Maybe this ‘basic’ understanding will help you out of a situation you are ‘stuck up’ in … change your response (come up with the right one) and then you will move to the next challenge that will excite you 🙂

Someone has rightly said – if you want something you never had before, do something you have never done before!