Lesson for life … from the elevator?


It has been long that I have shared some ‘learnings’ from observing things around me in the daily routine … so, here goes one 🙂

I noticed that people in our multi-storeyed building often delay themselves (and others) because of not knowing how to use the elevator keys … I would like to call them people who need ‘elevator training’ …

If such a person wants to go downstairs (while waiting on floor number 5) – instead of simply pressing the ‘down’ button, he/she would first find out the floor on which the elevator is currently located and when it happens to be on a lower floor (say 1), he/she would press the ‘up’ button (assuming the button is meant to tell the ‘elevator’ the direction in which it should start moving so that he/she can jump in) …

Those who are ‘elevator trained’ and those who have been ‘delayed’ on their way home (due to such an act) would be able to easily relate to this.

Huh!? Where is the ‘lesson for life’ ? I guess, many times in our life we operate in similar fashion — we choose our actions based on the then situation … should not we instead be taking steps based on where we want to go?

[I liked one of the statements made in ‘The Secret’ – what we are (ie our current realities) is – what we were (means the result of our past thoughts and actions) … so, we can start to change our reality without acting out of what the current situation is]


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4 Responses to “Lesson for life … from the elevator?”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Very nice post Harsh

  2. Tarun Sharma Says:

    So true…. I have another category of people; one in which people are “not trained” but have resigned to the fact that they are “not trained”. For lack of a word I would call them “enlightened not trained”. These people will press both up and down buttons and will jump into the first elevator that comes their way irrespective of where it is going. But I appreciate one thing about these people: at least they know that they don’t know how to operate the elevator.

    In some cases they also have the last laugh. Say you are standing on the first floor of a mall and you have to go to say fourth floor. The elevator is going down and these “enlightened not trained” people (also going to say fourth floor) jump into it. When the elevator comes back from the basement it is full and can’t take more people. They smile at you as the elevator door shuts in your face 🙂 …. so much for being “trained”…

  3. Kannan Janakiraman Says:

    Good Analogy Harsh.

  4. Manender Says:

    two words – Simply Beautiful !!

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