All is well that ends well!

Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

Team at Bangalore RUN on 31 May '09

‘Let’s KNOCK OUT poverty’ – was catchy enough as a theme to create waves on the streets of Bengaluru – despite ours being a small team. Yes! the cool, bright red boxing gloves were integral part of it and I ran the whole of 10km with the gloves always on πŸ™‚

As RangDe team has mentioned on their blog, the marathon was really a ‘knock out’!

I reached the ‘Finish’ line in 1:09:13 [hours:minutes:seconds] and I can definitely attribute few additional minutes to the boxing gloves πŸ™‚

In the process, we raised more than 3 lacs in ‘social investment’ from around 70 investors (out of which at least 60 might be ‘first timer’ investors of RangDe) … This might be just 30% of our BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) but I guess it is decent enough – considering the short time frame and limited people behind the ‘campaign’ … Interestingly, we fetched support from people of several walks of life spread across the globe – a doctor from Ahmedabad, founder of an NGO in US, a CEO from Delhi, a Prof. from IIM-A, a poet-writer from Delhi, a senior Director in IT firm from NY, US, an IT programmer from Mumbai are some examples of diversity …

Do you want to ‘share colors of joy’? Come onboard and join the revolution!


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2 Responses to “All is well that ends well!”

  1. Balu Says:

    good job … I agree social investment is a nice concept … good luck in your goals πŸ™‚

  2. Nikhil Says:

    Congratulations, and kudos for the marathon effort!!
    Let’s spread the word and Knock out poverty!!

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