did i make it?


If you are eager to know – let me tell you – the answer is — Yes 🙂 & No 😦

Some 7-8 weeks back, I embarked on a journey to raise ‘social’ investment (not charity) for the NGO that is working to eradicate poverty through MicroCredit – RangDe.org

I took up the challenge to raise Rs. 1,00,000/- from 200 new ‘investors’ and also wanted Aamir Khan to get on board 🙂

Together as RangDe team, we have raised about 3 lac … we have not yet got 200 new investors but a figure of 50-60 is good enough … and, yes – Aamir Khan is not yet back from his vacation 😦

Thanks a lot to all those who supported in every possible way. I heartily appreciate all the encouragement as well as help that I have received from all over.

The cause is worth and hence I request you all to keep supporting the rural microentrepreneurs irrespective of the deadline and target that was set for a ‘Care Champion’!

Here I come, Bengaluru 🙂

PS: Happy 37th anniversary – Mom & Dad!


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