miles to go …

Pattu is skilled in making of bags and flower pots using plastic wires. She makes lot of these goods and sells them in the weekly market. Since she did not have money to invest, she was not able to produce more goods even though she has enough demand.

Dhanabakiam is an ‘established’ tailor and she is now getting regular orders for uniforms from schools & bags from textile and fancy stores. She wants to increase her sales by buying a new embroidery machine.

Neither of them wants to give up their dignity and get burdened with the obligation of ‘donation’ or ‘charity’ 😦

A ‘social investment’ helps them be a WINNER in their own right! 🙂

However, there are about 200 such ‘borrowers’ awaiting their turn to be the next WINNER … will you please ‘share the colors of joy’ & help?

Support the cause of RangDe by clicking here!

Remember – ‘Until we all win; we all loose!’

How is my training going on? Great! [4km on 30 Apr; 7km on 3 May; 5km on 5 May]

How are my ‘social investment’ stats looking? Well, I need lot of support from you! [Yet to reach out to 195 more ‘investors’ for Rs. 83.5k within next 18 days]


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One Response to “miles to go …”

  1. Bhasker Sharma Says:

    Thanx Harsh for your wishes on my blog. All the best to you too! I heard about you and Rang De in one of the BITS e-groups. Are you a BITSIAN too? I am quite fascinated by the impact of micro-credit and will look up Rang De – it seems to be similar to Kiva?


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