1 mm = 1 paise


I am now a ‘Care Champion’ for the Bangalore Open 10 km RUN … which means I need your support to raise at least Rs. 1,00,000/- in social investment for NGO “RangDe Org” …

It may sound as a big goal – but if I break it down it is just a paise for every millimeter of distance I RUN 🙂

If you have not yet visited their site, RangDe is a social initiative that aims to make low cost micro credit a reality. It provides an online platform http://rangde.org that connects a social investor to a needy individual, looking for a means to set up or expand his means of livelihood. RangDe believes in providing a sustainable alternative to charity and this has been endorsed with a 100% repayment rate after more than a year of operation.

RangDe defines a ‘social investor’ as anyone who can lend as little as Rs.500 and in return gets a nominal interest rate and tons of goodwill. RangDe’s participation in this marathon event is aimed at raising ‘social investments’ and awareness. So jump onto the band wagon and be a winner too! Help “share the colours of joy.” The rewards are immeasurable and guaranteed to last long.

In next 42 days, I have to raise atleast Rs. 95,000/- (social investment and not charity) and I cannot do this without help and support of each one of you … so, please get in touch with me to find out how can you chip in …

I have also added one more measure for success of this endeavour – I want to reach out to 199 more ‘social investors’. Keep watching this space for achievement statistics.

How is my preparation going on? Well, I am on track!
05 Apr – Sun – participated in 5 km FundRaiser RUN at Gurgaon
07 Apr – Tue – 3 km RUN in nearby park
10 Apr – Fri – 2.5 km RUN in the park

And last but not the least – I still want Aamir Khan to be one of the 199 social investors I am trying to reach out to 🙂


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