I am back … to RUN for RangDe.org

After my 2nd half-marathon in Mumbai on 18 Jan, I have not been running that frequently.

I was not anticipating to get back to a formal training schedule for a RUN this soon …

Yes, I am glad that I am in for 10 km RUN in Bangalore on 31 May … and this time I am actively raising pledges for the NGO – http://www.RangDe.org

Bengaluru ... here, I come!

Bengaluru ... here, I come!

I intend to follow the HalHigdon’s 10k Intermediate schedule

He also has a Novice or Walker programs … so, do not find excuses and get, set, RUN!

PS: If you are wondering – I haven’t been able to trace Aamir Khan yet … can you please help (so that I get him onboard this RUN?) 🙂

Stay tuned for further updates … This time, I seek your active co-operation and will soon share the ways you can help me!


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One Response to “I am back … to RUN for RangDe.org”

  1. mukerv Says:

    http://www.aamirkhan.com/ might help u

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