Mumbai conquered! next is what?

Yes, I was there!


11.4 Km

Avg Speed


Avg Speed


Finish Time (Net)

Finish Time (Gross)

Overall Rank

Category Rank








 As you can see, I took 45 more minutes than my maiden half-marathon in Delhi on 9 Nov! I can blame it to hotter weather of Mumbai but I must confess – I was not well prepared. Now I know the importance of proper training. I also got obsessed with speed and ran for half the course so fast that I could hardly run for the last few KMs 😦

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4 Responses to “Mumbai conquered! next is what?”

  1. uniqideas Says:

    ToI (Ahmedabad) reported it on 19 Jan 2009 –>

  2. Siddharth Says:

    Congratulations…. 🙂

    The next target should be The Great Tibetan Marathon… 😉


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