from a commoner to a RUNner :-)

The wonderful journey ended on 9 Nov.

From being a commoner 4 months back, I can say I am now a RUNner (though novice) with the completion of my first half-marathon last Sunday! I realized that I have RUN more than 300 KMs in the process!

If you think this is great, let me tell you – It is nonthing! … Do not believe me? Then go ahead and read about Santhosh, who went on running for a whole day (yes, 24 hours!) at Bangalore Ultra Marathon (just a week after ADHM) and ran for 156 KM … here on his blog ->

I hope you now agree with me that I am just a ‘drop in the vast ocean’!

After a break of few days, I am back on track (for my 2nd half-marathon on 18 Jan 2009 in Mumbai)

20 Nov – Thu – 3.25 KM in 20 mins.

21 Nov – Fri – 5 KM in 31 mins.

Well, as they say – it is not the end but the beginning 🙂


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