Time to be careful!

Mon – 20 Oct ~ 10 KM in roughly an hour (on treadmill)

Tue – 21 Oct – Rest

Wed – 22 Oct ~ 7 KM in 40 min

Thu – 23 Oct – Rest

Fri – 24 Oct – Rest

Sat – 25 Oct – Rest

Sun – 26 Oct – Rest

Mon – 27 Oct ~ 10 KM in ~ 60 mins

Tue – 28 Oct – Happy & Prosperous



I had heard a story when I was very small … A king sends his ‘yuvraj’ (prince) to a saint’s hermit for education .. As an entrance test, the saint (swami) asks the kid to climb up a high tree … when the kid is about to reach back to the ground, the saint utters ‘Be careful!’ … At this, the king asks ‘Swamiji, why you did not give any instructions at the onset of the adventure but asked my son to be careful when he is about to finish the stunt?’ At this, the saint responds ‘Dear King, it is when the end seems very near that most of us lower are guards and are therefore very vulnerable’ …

Hope this explains the title of my post … It is just 12 days to my first 21+ KM (half-marathon) RUN!


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