Highlight of the week: RUN on a highway!

Mon – 6 Oct : Rest
Tue – 7 Oct : 7 KM ~ 40 min
Wed – 8 Oct : Rest
Thur – 9 Oct : Rest (going out of town – but will keep up with my RUN schedule)
Fri – 10 Oct : Rest
Sat – 11 Oct : ~12 KM RUN on NH 8 (It was real fun running on the National Highway! I started from TATA’s Navsari towards Aamchi Mumbai. I was tempted to scare already amused onlookers by asking them ‘How far is Mumbai’ – being some 250+ KM away from it! I was out in the bright sun – from around 7:45 AM till 9:15 AM – for almost 100 minutes)
Sun – 12 Oct – Rest

This week’s RUN deficit : around 12 KM 😦

Have you tuned in just recently and wondering what this is all about? Read my 1st half-marathon plans here! Please comment and register your moral support!

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