when you hit a rough patch …

Today, while driving to work, I literally hit upon a rough patch of road. And this offered me two choices —
the easier one – to curse it (and everyone responsible for it)
the better one – to thank it for reminding me how good the road till then was AND to thank the road (and everyone responsible) for such a good/smooth ride till I hit upon this patch!

I think you guessed it already! 🙂

I ‘thank’ the past week to remind me ‘how regular my RUN practice was’ till this rough patch (as far as my RUNing goes) came up 🙂

Here is a picture that captured happy expressions of kids from local NGO after they participated in 7th Sep’s RunningAndLiving.com event!

Mon – 8 sep – Rest (planned)
Tue – 9 sep – Rock On! (unplanned rest)
Wed – 10 sep – ‘The Secret’ (more on this later; unplanned rest)
Thu – 11 sep – 6.5 KM in 42 mins (on treadmill)
Fri – 12 sep – Rest (planned)
Sat – 13 sep – ‘TeachIndia’ (not written anything about this yet!?)
Sun – 14 sep – Just 2 KM in the park (almost rest; unplanned)

Your support for my RUN4GAIA plans will motivate me to ensure that such rough patches do not reoccur 🙂

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