darr ke aage jeet hai

Another tag line that I like (after ‘Impossible is Nothing’) is – ‘Darr ke aage jeet hai

In one of the Leadership workshops, I participated in rappelling. While reflecting on the activities, I had later commented the following in our journal — ‘The first step from top of the building in rappelling was what I found the most difficult part … And that is also what I want to never forget as learning. β€œOnly the first step is often the hardest. Anything that looks very tough is not that difficult beyond the initial plunge.”

So, give up your ‘darr‘ and join me for the ‘jeethere

Mon – 1 Sep – Rest

Tue – 2 Sep – 1 KM (7 min) + 6.25 KM (34 min) – taking ‘warm-up & cool-down’ advice seriously after last week’s fiasco πŸ™‚

Wed – 3 Sep – Was supposed to run 5 km but took rest (on account of the training session that I conducted)

Thu – 4 Sep – ~7.25 km in ~45 min (on treadmill)

Fri – 5 Sep – Rest

Sat – 6 Sep – Rest [was supposed to cross training for 50 minutes]

Sun – 7 Sep – Finally, participated in the 10 KM event by RunningAndLiving.com here at Gurgaon. [~11 km in ~70 min … yep, went for an extra KM πŸ™‚ ]


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