RUN Registration Exchange?

Ever since I started sharing updates about running, my ideas have taken a back seat …

So, how about an idea related to the RUN … I know several friends who somehow missed to register for the Mumbai Marathon (all categories) before the positions were closed (blame it on too early announcement of registrations?) … And I am sure there would be people who have registered but would not be able to make it (for whatever reason) … So, why PROCAM (the event organizers) does not come up with a Registration Exchange?!? … (anyone listening out there?)

All those who are in need of registration will share their ‘BUY’ orders and those who have registered but may not be able to take part on the race day will share their ‘SELL’ orders (and let the supply/demand guide the terms of trade)

Mon – 25 Aug 08 – Rest

Tue – 26 Aug 08 – 6.5 KM in 33:40 minutes (on treadmill)

Wed – 27 Aug 08 – oops .. the right knee is in pain (got obsessed with speed on tuesday?) No running today 😦

Thu – 28 Aug 08 – Busy and more (No running again!) 😦

Fri – 29 Aug 08 – Rest (what’s this? now, it is the left knee that is showing up signs of pain. However, good that today was anyway a ‘rest’ day 🙂 )

Sat – 30 Aug 08 – Rest continued (second volunteering session for TeachIndia – its fun!)

Sun – 31 Aug 08 – Back in shape! Completed the stipulated 5 KM in 33 minutes (in the nearby park along with a friend/philosopher/guide – my PGPX syndicate-mate)

Looking forward to your comment/moral support here! (URLs for related Orkut community & FaceBook group listed on that page)


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2 Responses to “RUN Registration Exchange?”

  1. uniqideas Says:

    I got “official” response as follows (through other channels) …
    ‘As you know this is a Public Event & Registrations are on a first come basis since we are oversubscribed there is no mode of registration for any person. There cant be a registration exchange as there is a waiver signed on the entry form which is subject to legal jurisdiction it is applicable for the person signing it only, it is for the safety of the participant which helps us locate his person of contact incase of an emergency.’

    I am not sure if this is view of top decision makers at PROCAM or not …

    I personally think the challenges mentioned are not difficult to overcome … but then not everyone has undergone advanced Creativity courses, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Sid Says:

    I completely agree with you, they should reconsider about marathon registrations..


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