Last or 4th or FINISHER?

I recall practically the ‘first’ race I took part in. I was in the first or second year of graduation (fresh out of the ‘teen’s … maybe 20 then).

When the college sports day was announced, I was not too much into any sports then but still wanted to participate anyhow. I scanned through the list of competitions and felt that Race (running) would be something that does not need much of prior experience or preparation. I thought it would be even easy to stand out (and secure a position without much of effort) if I signed up for the 1600 meter race (the longest one for the sports event) – and I went for it! All with whom I shared the news were probably laughing at me — do you know what it means to run for 1600 meter in a race event? (This made me feel even better thinking that my guess would turn out right and I would easily come in the top 3 – since there may be just 3 such crazy geeks).

The race day arrived and when all participants gathered at the start line I was bit puzzled – there were 4 participants in all – I was unhappy that my hunch of having only 3 (or less) runners did not turn out to be true but was positive thinking I only have to beat just one guy to secure at least the 3rd (second runner-up) position 🙂

However, as the race progressed I realized that even simple looking running needs preparation. After couple of rounds (of 400 meter) all the other 3 participants were ahead of me. I tried my best but by the time I was at 1300 meter mark (or so) all of them had taken considerable lead. Soon, they had crossed the finish line and shattered my wishful thinking of securing a medal (without much of effort 🙂 ). The spectators were so engrossed in cheering their success that it took them a while to notice that I was still on the race track! Despite of all the medal positions being taken up, I continued running till the finish line and felt satisfied with the self-assurance that I could atleast complete the 1600 meter race that I had signed up for.

Being a FINISHER itself is an achievement, especially in a major event like half-marathon (or marathon) where hundreds and thousands RUN for the sake of running (and just few decorate the stage of winners!) … I am not a ‘pro’ runner … but I can certainly speak from the experience of my ‘first’ race event 🙂

Now, how about some running humor (I am not yet there 🙂 ) before you see my updates below –

Mon – 18 Aug – light ‘stretch & strength’ in the office gym

Tue – 19 Aug – 6 KM in 35 minutes (in the nearby park)

Wed – 20 Aug – 3.25 KM in 16:30 minutes (on treadmill)

Thu – 21 Aug – 6.5 KM in 33:40 minutes (on treadmill)

Fri – 22 Aug – Rest

Sat – 23 Aug – Rest [first volunteering session for Teach India]

Sun – 24 Aug – 10 km in 63 minutes (in the park – My 1st 10 KM & 1st 1 hr+ on the track)

Haven’t you read about my latest project yet? Please comment and register your moral support here! (Info. about the related Orkut community & FaceBook group is mentioned on that page)

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One Response to “Last or 4th or FINISHER?”

  1. hormaz Says:

    Hey ?,

    nice blog and a well written one!

    are you preparing for the half marathon. i see the training chart and yr weekly timngs in your blog. pretty impressive!

    is this your first shot at the 21k?



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