GOD’s delays are NOT GOD’s denials

If you are keeping up with my weekly updates then you must be aware that I was dejected last week for being unable to participate in the local RunningAndLiving.com’s 10 KM event …

Well, true to the essence of ‘GOD’s delays are NOT GOD’s denials’ (a quote I had liked from the book ‘Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do‘ by Dr. Robert H. Schuller that I had read long back) – it is just a matter of 4 weeks –

Yep, they have another similar event on 7 Sep. I am loving it!

Mon – 11 Aug – Rest
Tue – 12 Aug – 6.5 KM in 34 minutes (on treadmill)
Wed – 13 Aug – 3.25 KM in 17 minutes (on treadmill)
Thur – 14 Aug – 6 KM in 31.5 minutes (on treadmill) AND 12 KM in 4 hours (in car!) 😦
Fri – 15 Aug – Good moooorrrnniiinnnnnngg India! Wishing all Indians a very Happy Independence Day! [Rest]
Sat – 16 Aug – Cross-training (brisk walking) for 10-15 minutes
Sun – 17 Aug – 8 KM in 48 minutes (in the nearby park)

Nature in TriColor

Nature in TriColor

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