my first (and worst) – 12 KM in 4 hours! :-(

It is true that these days most of my blogs contain updates of my training for the half marathon project. However, this has nothing to do with my running.

Today (14 Aug 2008) was the worst day as far as my commute to home back from my office goes. The distance of about 12 KM took me about 4 hours in my car! 😦 If I go by my current times on the treadmill, I would probably have RAN the same distance in just one-fourth time …

The incessant downpour had certainly played a vital role … However, the traffic jams on the busy & narrow street (near my office) are not uncommon anymore …

Last Thursday (7 Aug 2008), I read on the front page of Times of India (New Delhi) that ‘Cars idling at crossings (in just Delhi) burn Rs 1,000cr a year‘ … More than a year ago, Swaminoics had listed out ‘The hidden social costs of vehicles

It is not a news item anymore that we waste so much of time (& money), fuel (& money), peace of mind (and some times even precious life – on account of road rage) … almost in every major city and town. If this is the cost of growth & development then even at the risk of sounding pessimist (or leftist!) I would go for slowdown of economy. We all know that ‘economies of scale’ have a threshold on the inverted U curve. I think growth (or atleast the speed of development) has crossed such a threshold or tipping point and the ‘costs’ outweigh the ‘benefits’

This is NOT the solution!

This is NOT the solution!

This big ‘monster’ problem certainly needs ‘ideas’ … any sharp brains listening?

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