Missed the ‘bus’ to Cloud 10! :(

Before I share my weekly training updates, let me tell you a story (a folklore I have read/heard somewhere) … I would choose the caption ‘Impossible is Nothing’ for this one

One day, a person from city visits a nearby village and is astonished when he sees a villager carrying an ox on his back to the lake. Amazed at this unusual show of strength, he asks in disbelief – ‘how could you carry such a heavy animal on your back?!’ The villager responds unfazed – ‘Why is it so surprising?! For years, this has been a mundane routine for both of us. I used to carry the ox on my back when we both were young and I am doing the same now’

I do not know the authenticity (or even practical feasibility) of the story … but I like it a lot since it depicts power of incremental yet regular improvements. It is true that ‘slow and steady does win the race!’

Are you now charged up enough to participate in the Mumbai Marathon? Then go and sign up for a higher category than you think you can make it! There is ample time to train yourself before Jan 2009! Remember – IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

Haven’t you read about my latest project yet? Please comment and register your moral support here!

04 Aug – Monday – light workout in the Office Gym

05 Aug – Tuesday – 6.5 KM in 38 minutes (on treadmill)

06 Aug – Wednesday – 3.25 KM in 19 minutes (on treadmill)

07 Aug – Thursday – 6.5 KM in 35 minutes (on treadmill)

08 Aug – Friday – Rest

09 Aug -Saturday – 10-15 minutes of biking on borrowed cycle 🙂

10 Aug – Sunday – Oops … I was looking forward to my first 10 KM race … but could not do it … not because I was tired or unfit … I was actually very much in physical and mental shape for it … but reached the venue late and had to satisfy myself by just taking part in the 5 KM event! 😦 … I finished the RUN in 27 minutes (but was not happy with myself – because of getting late for the RUN!) 😦

(One more lesson for myself — only training and nutrition are not enough – Need to also pay attention to punctuality and learn time management!)

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