Updates so far …

Did you read about my latest project … here? Please comment and register your moral support!

Week ending 22 June 2008 – Warmed up myself; measured the length of the track in a nearby park (Its almost 1 KM … good to keep count!)

Week ending 29 June 2008 – Continued with warm up; had to take rest on couple of days (I guess I am not as fit as I had imagined -) )

Week ending 06 July 2008 – My manual records have no entry (can’t recall what I did)

Week ending 13 July 2008 – Wow! The training picks up. Also participated in local running event for 5 KM on Saturday (12 Jul).

Week ending 20 July 2008 – My parents visited our place and I took some liberty to extend the REST days beyond those stipulated -) (In short, skipped running on few days)

Week ending 27 July 2008 – I am back on track! Borrowed the security guard’s cycle and rode for 30 odd minutes on Saturday. Hit the 8 KM mark for the first time on Sunday (27th July) in 50 minutes. I have also started paying attention to my diet/nutrition. Looking forward to first evaluation of myself (in a local 10 KM running event on 10th August) -)

I hope to share detailed status updates every week … so please keep watching and supporting!

Thanks a lot in anticipation 🙂


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