Fantastic 4 (MBA programs by IIMs in India)!

My blog statistic reveals that the most viewed articles are How to get in IIM-A’s PGPX – Random FAQ and How IIM-A’s PGPX compares to world b-schools

It means that people end up on my pages when they are looking for some information about MBA programs in India … I apologize to all such readers for not writing too much on related topics in the recent past. Let me try to rectify the missout by sharing a useful information.

Not many may be aware that IIMs across India have followed suit by announcing 1 year programs for experienced professionals (similar to the PGPX of IIM-A)

Now, there are 4 such programs (I have included only programs floated by IIMs)

1. PGPX from IIM Ahmedabad was the first such program. The 3rd batch is currently in progress and the deadline to fill up the application for 4th batch (2009-10) is August 11th 2008.

2. PGPEX from IIM Calcutta was the next in line. The application process for its 3rd batch will end soon!

3. IPMX from IIM Lucknow conducted at their Noida campus is the third such program. Not many are aware that its first batch is already under progress (I guess the website of IIML’s Noida Campus is currently having some problems 😦 )

4. And now, the yet-to-be-christened 1-year full time Postgraduate Program in Management has been announced by IIM B! You can see the one page information on their website here

I am sure the option of four 1 year programs from IIMs on the lines of global MBAs provides ample choices to experienced professionals looking for b-school education.

All the best to wannabe MBAs!

Disclaimer: These are just my views. Please check relevant official websites for any detailed/updated information.


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5 Responses to “Fantastic 4 (MBA programs by IIMs in India)!”

  1. Anupam Says:

    Great write up. Much needed info. You can share such articles written by you with the community and gain further visibility for your blog.


  2. IIM MBA CAT Says:

    nice post on mba!!!

  3. IIM MBA CAT Says:

    nice post!!

  4. 5th feather and more … « unique ideas! Says:

    […] 5th feather and more … By uniqideas I had earlier listed four (Indian) 1-year MBA programs by IIMs for experienced professionals … here […]

  5. uniqideas Says:

    The URL for IIM-B’s program (EPGP) is

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