copy ‘dog’?

After copycat, here I share another idea on the lines of ‘copying’ what has worked well somewhere.

I have been thinking on this ever since I read about ‘Guide dogs’
Guide Dog undergoing training - from WikiPedia
Can the Indian Pariahs (the stray dogs found in abundance on every nook and corner) be subjected to rigourous training as a ‘guide dog’? If yes, then they can be such a boon in helping few of the 15 million Indians who are blind!!

(Whether the concept of ‘guide dog’ can work in Indian conditions is a tricky question though. If you do not know what I mean then you are too lucky to have missed the experience of Indian traffic 🙂 )

I have sent an email to Daisy of Welfare of Stray Dogs society to know her views however I have not yet heard back. So, I thought of sharing it here and see if word-of-mouth (or click-of-mouse) makes this idea reach her 🙂

PS: Do I need to mention this is not a ‘business’ idea? I keep thinking about possibilities of solving common problems that are around us (and all of them are not about money 🙂 )


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2 Responses to “copy ‘dog’?”

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    Dog Obedience Training…

    It seems that we share similar thoughts….

  2. Buying A Puppy Says:

    Buying A Puppy…

    Owners who take a class with their dogs with a formal setting will be learning commands in the ultimate environment. Here, the instructor knows how to teach the owner to“ speak dog” and use body language that will get the appropriate responses. Often t…

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