MUMBAI or ‘mum’ bai-s and bhai-s :(

Last month, I had to visit MUMBAI (second most populous city in the world) for work. I have been there earlier and have also heard about the daily grind of life. However, I was deeply moved by witnessing the toil of an ‘aam admi & aurat’ in this – ‘City of Dreams’, ‘Financial Capital’, ‘Tinsel Town’ of India.

It was nothing different than ‘business as usual’ for roughly 1.5 crores of Mumbaikars. However, I was specifically sensitive in noticing the big and small sacrifices of everyone around the town.

Whether it was –
… the attendant at the hotel (whom I overheard, at 11 PM in the night, ‘instructing’ his little daughter not to harass her mother and to quietly go to sleep)
– OR –
… the slum dweller (who was struggling hard to do both — cover her body from curious onlookers AND keep her clothes from getting wet in the downpour — while changing her clothes in her ‘open-air-bedroom’ which was almost on the road)
– everyone was an ‘unsung’ (behind-the-scene) hero & heroine

It reminded me of profound statements made by one of the guest lecturer (invited by our ‘Corporate Ethics’ Professor). He was so right when he said ‘The whole world is working hard to make you successful! … Just think about the hard work of so many hands that has gone into preparing the food that is waiting for you at the lunch table’

I pondered – is the city named so because it comprises of ‘mum’ bai-s (& bhai-s) who aptly play their role without uttering a single complaint against the unfavorable hand dealt to them?

Actually, it is not just MUMBAI … Maybe, I was more conscious because I was away from my family and was not sure how to pacify my son over the phone … Otherwise, the scene is similar everywhere else as well (especially in the ‘developed’ cities).

In fact, I do not have to go any farther than the ‘balcony’ of our flat on 8th floor from where I enjoy this picturesque scenery TauDevilalBotanicalGarden

If I just bend a little and look down, I see these small kids working 7 days-a-week on the ‘fruit-juice-stall’ by the roadside.


In this snap, I captured them enjoying a deep sleep early in the morning despite of so many flies buzzing on their face covered with sweat (as if it was ‘taaza ras’)

If by any chance you happen to suffer from even a hint of ‘Insomnia’ – now you know the solution! Get away from this damn LCD and do some ‘real’ work!

I ‘Thank you’ GOD for Everything that I have!



One Response to “MUMBAI or ‘mum’ bai-s and bhai-s :(”

  1. કુણાલ Says:

    Wonderful portrait of the actual situation … what you’ve mentioned is often overlooked by all of us when we talk about our own problems, which I often think are really not ‘problems’ if observed closely…

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