I often come across something that works well in one context and wonder why it cannot be ‘copied’ elsewhere?

While I visited Amsterdam & Rotterdam during my 5 weeks study module (as part of the 1 year MBA), I was amazed by the way people have adopted bi-cycle in their daily routine. They have ‘invented’ creative solutions to every bottleneck that comes on their way in using a cycle.

Now, some good guys in the US have come up with a wonderful business concept based on these bikes (or trikes to be precise). They have even named it after Amsterdam – they call it New Amsterdam Project.

What is NAP? (from their website)

NAP provides human-powered pick-up and delivery services for local businesses, organizations and universities. They provide your business with full service route delivery- inclusive of drivers, fossil-fuel free vehicles, and unparalleled marketing opportunities for business on their unique, environmentally friendly trucks.

What am I wondering?

Can we not replicate this in India? I know, human powered rickshaws are already in use but they are not put to much of commercial use. The NAP-type trikes can certainly be a good idea in today’s busy metros. Hey, BM (designate) at ITC, does this count as Eureka? Would you give me (or anyone who takes this up) contract to replace your fleet of ‘deisel/petrol-piyakkad’ delivery vehicles 🙂


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3 Responses to “copycat”

  1. tejbir Says:

    Hi Harsh
    I dont know if it were a business idea, but it was hugely successful (or so am i told). In Delhi, a group provided bicycles to students for their movements in the DU where all the major colleges are situated. The charge was nominal.
    I too wondered, if it can be escalated to the city given the higher fuel costs and the opportunity that metro brings with it.

  2. chandni Says:

    In Delhi the metro has this sevice in North Campus. You can hire a bicycle for 4 hours for Rs. 10 (or maybe its Rs 15 im not too sure). Its quite popular from what I hear and its a step in the right direction. The problem of upscaling such a project in the rest of the city is the lack of proper demarcated lanes for cycles. On a road where cars are jostling with buses (and their track record of safe driving is well known) bicycles are an unsafe bet.

    But the idea is worth a shot 🙂

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