How to make the Metro quieter?

Before I post my next idea (the entry is already half way through!), let me throw here a problem for collective creative solution formulation.

I am not sure if it is just me or is Delhi Metro truly noisy?

I happened to travel by it recently (yeah, I know it has been there for quite some time … but I got a chance to board it just recently) and what I observed is – it is irritatingly noisy 😦 … no, its not because of the crowd – the biggest noise pollution is created by the repetitive recorded announcements (and it is never ending – more due to frequent arrivals at various stations)

I understand that the announcements are necessary for security reasons and for information of people who are not frequent travelers and that the information tickers (running on the electronic displays in English & Hindi) along with various posters/symbols are not enough but still there has to be some way to reduce the annoyance.

No key decision makers in DMRC may be reading this (who knows?) but let that fact not demotivate us from thinking what could be possible ways to make it a quieter ride.

FM radios in the cell phones (or even iPods) have come handy to few (or many?) commuters as an easy escape route but could there not be a solution at the system level?

I was wondering – maybe the rail cars should have head sets (like the handle bars for people who are standing) along the walls which can be used by travelers interested in tuning in to those mundane shrieks OR speakers (capable to create noise only locally) spread across the coaches that can be put on/off at will. However, these alternatives do not sound great to me. Can you think of any better resolution?

PS: I now recall that the trains/metros in the Netherlands too were equally noisy due to announcements (or somewhat less – because they did not bother to repeat the Dutch announcements in English! and maybe the stations were bit far apart). But, maybe I was too excited picking up few foreign language words to bother about the decibels.

PPS: Thanks to everyone who has posted their comments on the ideas shared so far. It is good to learn about possible pitfalls/shortcomings of the proposed solution. It broadens my understanding (and probably will refine the ideas to follow). धन्यवाद॥ 🙂



2 Responses to “How to make the Metro quieter?”

  1. chandni Says:

    Yes the frequent announcements are terrible on the metro but they tend to be helpful for first timers. I think the advantages of the metro (cheap air-conditioned fast travel) outweigh the noise

  2. Wasim Shaikh Says:


    There can be a simplest solution that With Voice there may be text appear on left & rigth side of the train ,which can eb easily visible(sort of Flashin neon sign like in NASDEQ for stock quote).So when Hindi voice is playing on sound system,you can view texture in english atleast (If voted out ,english can be in voice & hindi in texture).For hearing imapired ,it will be a good solution.For those who are blind ,should have seprate sitting arrangment & voice channel where double language announcement are keep playing..


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