World Environment Day – is Khadi a solution?

When I chose the ID for my blog, I thought a lot and came up with uniQideas … universal & uniQue ideas

I have always considered myself a bundle of unique creative ideas (or wild dreams – that makes up the subtitle – mungerilal?) … but never have I shared any such thing here … why so? maybe I am too secretive … (maybe I am greedy for cash or credit or BOTH!)

Not any more … I think I am ready to let the ideas flow …

Ghandhiji\'s Khadi

Here comes the first one (and this may also give me cash, credit and some carbon credits too!)

I have formally (or rather verbally) tied up with an Ahmedabad based Designer and launched Khadi based line of clothing — I believe, though small in size, this is a step in the right direction (my bit for the mother nature & Gaia i.e. Earth)

I am just helping him market through my networking. Everyone of us can do a bit — want to know more? Read on at

Let’s make the world a better place, meter by meter 🙂

Love, Peace & Khadi


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One Response to “World Environment Day – is Khadi a solution?”

  1. tejbir Says:

    Is there a store in Mumbai?

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