Third time lucky?!

Finally, the day arrived! After goofing around for weeks, yesterday I joined TCS.

Not many might be aware that this was the third time Asia’s largest IT firm had extended an employment offer to me. After giving them a miss for two earlier instances (once from the campus in 1999 and then in 2006), I finally give in to their persitence in hiring me 🙂

Those who know are quiet confused – why not then and why now?

Things that have changed

Earlier, in 1999, I did not have any ‘in-law’ connection with Navsari (the birth place of Jamsetji Tata, the legendary founder of the TATA group)

Things that have NOT changed

My selection criteria … it’s all money, honey 😉 

I selected the highest paying offer from the 3 I got in the campus then (and hence TCS did not make the cut in 1999) AND I selected the highest paying offer from the 2+1 I got from campus even now (and hence TCS made it!)


TFN (TA-TA For Now),

ha ha hi hi


Disclaimer: My joining TCS has nothing to do with its stock topping the looser’s list on NSE. I mean, how can I cause any damages by spending few hours in their campus. I have not even informed any Analysts (or our Media Reps) about my joining plans 🙂 (And, they have NOT put aside any holdings on my name; despite my attempts to highlight the Navsari connection). On 22 April 2004, TCS stock lost 106.2 INR from its previous close price of Rs. 993.4 and ended at Rs. 887.2 (that is more than 10% loss 😦 ) … Seems, I will have to put in extra efforts!


5 Responses to “Third time lucky?!”

  1. Biju Says:

    Glad to hear that you are rocking!!! Yes, TCS stock may have dipped. But that is more because of it’s humility when a person like your stature joins the company. 🙂 It will rise up soon and rock with you. 😉

  2. hasan Says:

    What post did you get at TCS? Just curious to know since I am with TCS currently and i aspire to study at IIMA….


  3. Prijit Says:

    I came across your blog while browsing through the IIMA PGPXians’ blogs. I was with TCS for 5.5 years and will be joining XLRI’s GMP program.

    I hope your’s joining and mine leaving TCS has nothing to do with the way TCS’ counter is performing at the bourses 🙂

    I am interested to get in touch with you. If you are interested, please drop me a mail.

    Cheers and all the very @ TCS.

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    Hi Harsh,
    Not here to post any comments but I was looking for some information.

    I wanted to find out what are the prospects for someone who is looking to do a full-time MBA after 10 years of work experience–something which a PGP-X passout can help me with.

    My profile: Total work experience of 10+ years, all in IT and half of which are in Engineering/Operations management roles. 8 years out of the above would be experience outside India (currently based in Europe).
    Qualifications: B.E. (Elec), M.Sc in Strategic Management (part-time) and certified PMP.

    Goal: To take up employment back in India a management capacity after MBA. Hence not looking for MBA from European or US business schools. Not much interested in finance or consulting.
    Note that I am only looking for programs like the PGP-X offered by IIMs, GMP by XLRI and the ISB MBA.

    I am mainly interested in getting information regarding the following points:
    1. What are the roles being offered within the IT industry post-MBA for a person with profiles similar to these? I would like to get some information on sample roles/responsibilities.

    2. Would it be feasible to move into non-IT industries after an MBA? Again what would be the roles offered to a post-MBA person.

    I tried searching for threads/posts similar to these in the forums on and other websites but was unable to find it. If you an provide some information regarding this I would be very grateful.

    My email is alapattj at yahoo dot com

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Bastille Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Bastille

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