in ToI, this time with a photo

My Samskrita lessons help me get in the ToI Ahmedabad once again, this time with a photo though 🙂

Paper -Times of India; Date – 17 March 2008; Edition – Ahmedabad; Page – 3

URL (Navigate to Page 3) –

Now, wannabe corporate honchos take Sanskrit lessons

Vasundhara Vyas | TNN

Ahmedabad: What could be the best way to end a full-time, extremely exhausting course in the most prestigious management institute of the country…a week spent at a luxury holiday resort, meeting family or pampering one self in a spa?
    Not for these 10 students of Post Graduate Programme for Executive (PGPX) at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), as they have made the most of this spare time to learn more.
    These students have taken to learning Sanskrit and by the end of the two-week crash course, most have even started conversing, well almost, in the language. The Sanskrit course concluded on Sunday.

    “It was the initiation of one of our classmates that the course was introduced. I had a tough time with the language in my school days, but I thought taking another chance with it again. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. It makes me feel really proud that I made a gen
uine attempt and even succeeded in learning one of the ancient languages in the world,” said Raju Kumaravolu, one of the participants of the course.
    The course was conducted by instructors from Sanskrit Bharti, Ahmedabad. Vaidyananthan Ramachan
dran, the student who initiated the Sanskrit learning in the batch, said, “It was during one such initiative in my previous firm that I started learning Sanskrit four years ago. Today, I am absolutely fluent in the language.”
    Ramachandran said, “It was a discussion with my friends about how we are growing away from our roots and scriptures. Knowledge of Sanskrit gives you access to a world which was extremely scientific and advanced. The simple way of learning the language is the natural way — hear it, speak it and then write it.”
    The participants of the course include the PGPX students and their family members. There are houses in IIMA where the whole family is trying to converse in Sanskrit.

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