how to enjoy & still not stumble?

Another dose of reflection or insight, huh?

Well, how can a trip to Gir & Girnar on a dark starlit night go without any inspiration?

It was a wonderful experience while we were all getting down the Girnar hills.

Only couple of days had passed after the No Moon’s day. We walked on stony path for maybe quarter of an hour and reached a somewhat plain open area, all in the ‘beautiful’ darkness. It was couple of hours after the sunset and the weather was quiet cold (unusual for a day in February) but the uphill walk on the mountain terrain had generated enough body heat to make me take off my jacket. We then closed our eyes and tried to meditate in the serene environment. The silence and the environment were truly blissful. We could even ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the wind moving from one side to another.

Then came the beautiful sound from a distance – it was the ‘vaishnav jan’ instrumental tune. It was so pleasing to the ears that I wanted it to go on and on. I felt that it was coming from quiet a distance but that was not true. The source of sound kept coming closer till the guy playing it (on cell phone or recorder?) was just next to me. The experience of silence and then the soothing music lasted for minutes but I wanted more of it.

We then started to walk down the hill. We were instructed to walk in pairs (there was a wild animal nearby and probably that is the reason we had to stop the meditation and leave the place). While walking down the hill we had to strain our eyes in the dark to avoid tumbling on the uneven rocks. However, I chanced to take my attention off the path and look up towards the star studded sky … Wow! What an enchanting sight it was?

It then clicked to me — doesn’t this happen many times in our lives? We are so busy worrying about not stumbling on the path that we forget to look up & enjoy the big picture — the masterpiece called life!

But, then you cannot even risk stumbling on such a path in the dangerous darkness … so what’s the solution? Well, it is really easy … do what we were suggested to do in the dark jungle — hold hand of someone else and go in pairs!

I am sure holding hand of someone else will keep both of you safe while giving you the chance to even look up! (Even the law of probability suggests that chances of both looking up at one time will be half then what it is when you are walking alone)

Let’s reach out and hold hands of our own fellows, but don’t clinch them too hard 🙂


One Response to “how to enjoy & still not stumble?”

  1. Ram Parhi Says:

    When the music of vaishnava jana to came on while we were mid-way in meditation, I felt it was like a divine intervention. I was about to get into the ‘attitude of gratitude’ when the music came closer to me and I could see the cellphone playing 🙂 It was probably the stars in the sky and the gentle wind that did not allow worse feelings to overpower the divinity 🙂 BTW, holding hands came in handy for someone…;)

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