i make it to the ToI Ahmedabad

IIM-A students on creative leadership trip to Gir


(7 Feb 2008; Page 7)

Ahmedabad: Over 30 participants of the postgraduate programme for executives at IIM-A are headed to Gir forest and Girnar. The trip has been planned as a part of creative leadership course and the batch leaves campus by Friday.
   The course is a advance level elective course. It will be conducted by Krishnesh Mehta, faculty of Industrial Design and Strategic Design Management at NID. The course has been designed very specifically to inspire innovative leadership through the use of latest neuro-scientific understanding.
   The unique teaching methodology is based on experiential format where participants have to practice ‘brain physiology altering techniques’ drawn from the latest in modern science like sound light entertainmentresonance, neuro-psychoacoustics to the best of ancient techniques. The activities draw inspiration from Indian ancient scriptures and other works from abroad. The trip to the Girnar and Gir jungle on the coming weekend is the practical for this course.
   “The course has generated huge interest in our class and created an impact. Participants believe this has contributed immensely to their personal growth. The course relies on experiential component and hence creates contexts and environments around which people can experience,” said Harsh Thakkar, class coordinator.
   “These techniques are going to help us boost our emotional and spiritual quotient.” says Rita Gupta, one of the participants of the course.

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    Hi Friends,

    This trip will became very helpful to You.If You know some details about

    Girnar,Gir & Junagadh also,You can my blog http://historicaljunagadh.blogspot.com

    on Girnar.You can also post your comments on it.


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