3 ‘vegetarische Indiërs’ struggling in world’s ‘largest kitchen’

well well well … where do i start? I have a big backlog of things to ‘reflect’ on 🙂

Let me pick up the dichotomy of 3 ‘vegetarische Indiërs’ (dutch equivalent of ‘vegeterian indians’). Thanks to their B&B owner in goddam Rotterdam (rhyme invented by SS), the trio realized their true classification into ‘lacto vegeterians’ quadrant!

Unilever R&D labs – their IIP host – is dubbed as the world’s largest kitchen by the insiders. This is because there are hundreds of chefs and scientists doing research on food. (We hear they even prepare dishes from all over the world as part of their job!).

The dichotomy is – in midst of cutting edge research on global foods, the team is struggling to find ‘vegetarian food’ suitable to their ‘indiër’ taste buds. Eggs too are a big ‘no-no’ for the trio (with 66.67% representation from the gujju land of Mahatma). To add to their agony, the huge hallways of whole building are decorated with larger-than-life pictures of food. Every nook and corner of office (including board room!) is turned into showcase for different food packets (not to forget Knorr boxes of ‘Indiase Roti’) that keep them reminding about their hunger.

And when they try to display their loyalty towards the host company (by searching for Knorr products in the supermarket), the only thing that hits their disappointed hands is ‘Kip Madras’ (Madras Chicken) or some other non-veg item.

Looking out of the window of their posh corner office on 8th floor of the building, the only thought that comes to their minds is – what do we do for dinner?

PS: Mr. Vindi Banga may not be aware how we ‘bagged’ the prized project in Unilever R&D labs but we do not miss any opportunity to leverage the fact that he is from IIM.


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