Thank GOD! I am alive :)

You have nothing to Thank GOD for? Think again!

You may feel you are at the lowest ebb of your life. You may have experienced a severe setback – failure in business, deceit in relationship, loss of your loved one, disability by accident, bankruptcy – or even horrifying than that. You may just not be able to find a single reason to thank GOD for. But, let me tell you that there is one major thing you have simply taken for granted. There is something no one can deny. You ought to thank GOD that you are alive!

I am not saying anything new here. We all know that if there is anything certain in life it is DEATH. Everything else with one’s life is uncertain. If you are dejected or unhappy because of uncertainties of life, just think – isn’t the uncertainty much better than the ultimate certainty of DEATH? Just recall so many dreams and plans you have locked up in your mind. So many things you want to do. Just imagine – what if you do not wake up? Or what if you do not return? We hear bizarre stories of unexpected death everywhere around us. What if it happens to you? I just cannot bear the pain (even in imagination) my near and dear ones would go through. How will my loving and caring wife be able to accept it? How will my son – who starts crying if he does not see me in bed when he wakes up – be pacified? What about the data that I have treasured in my pen drive? What about the songs I have collected in my office PC? What about my internet passwords? Oh my GOD! There are never ending plans and what if I am suddenly pulled out of the play?

THANK GOD, I am alive!!


One night, (I guess) I was thinking about strange circumstances in which Steve Irwin died before I fell asleep. In my subconcious mind, I was very much scared by the thought that what if I do not wake up alive? And, you would not be able to imagine how grateful I was to GOD when I woke up alive. Above is what I scribed as soon as I got up.


4 Responses to “Thank GOD! I am alive :)”

  1. tejbir Says:

    kya ho gaya?
    itni serious thoughts?

  2. cinevalley Says:

    Too many cases spoil the thoughts, Harsh! 🙂


  3. cinevalley Says:

    Too many cases spoil the thoughts, Harsh! 🙂

  4. Biju Says:

    Really good one, Harsh.. 🙂

    You have really proved yourself to be a brave macho man to have confronted your own mortality. I wish only more people had a perspective as mature as you….

    Ok, now enough fooling around…
    Get back to your studies, will ya???… 😉
    Otherwise, the first session on Monday is CS and you will soon be wishing you were dead. 🙂


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