This is determination! – an Army of Ants!

When we moved to our new home (on the campus) we performed modest ‘housewarming’ rituals. As part of the process, grains of rice (‘akshat’) were arranged on the kitchen platform to form a shape of a “swastik”. We then locked the house, got busy with transportation of other household items and returned the next day. To my astonishment, the whole swastik was missing! Was this a miracle?…

Not exactly. It wasn’t hard to track the busy black ants. They had arrived in huge numbers … and had already moved all the rice grains to the base of a window in the front room (few meters from the original place… and don’t forget the vertical decent of few feets from the kitchen platform). From there, they ‘transported’ the heavy load from the ‘base camp’ to their territory. For this, they had to take each rice grain to a height of 8-10 feet. It was impossible for an ant to do it single handedly. So, they employed group theory and did it in ‘teams’!


This may not sound very uncommon event. But, since it is routine, I have probably not appreciated it in the past with utter surprise. Just imagine the mammoth task & the way it was executed meticulously! (Do they carry out ‘feasibility study’, ‘prepare a project plan’? What about ‘communication’?) Isn’t it awesome?

PS – While I was writing this, I got engrossed and the army of ant ‘attacked’ my wounded feet. As a prompt reaction, I got rid of them with a jerk. Later, I thought of taking a snap and so deliberately allowed them to gather again. And to my surprise, there performaance was ‘repeatable’!

PPS: We had to employ MajorSaab from Indian Armoured Division to fight the army of ants 🙂 . The pestcontrol attack from the MSH rep helped us win over them 🙂


One Response to “This is determination! – an Army of Ants!”

  1. tejbir Says:

    it seems you are taking lessons from the ants!
    am sure they will good lessons as they are here since generations
    and have been coping with the hectic schedules. Do pass on some tips that they might give 😉

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