Munnabhai PGPX ;-)


We are just two days into the program and most us have already lost our sense of date, day of week and what not. I had seriously started arguing with Tejbir that it was a Tuesday on the night of Monday.

The rigor is not totally unexpected though. (All of us have happily embarked on the journey full of hard work hoping that ‘The bud may have a bitter taste but sweet will be the flower’) However, the first assignment of coming up with group presentation consisting of creating a team name, logo and team song in just 45 minutes, that too after a long day full of sessions was a nerve wrecking surprise. 

The whole class was surprised when enormous amount of hidden talent came forth in the presentations. With each new group coming in the spotlight, creativity of next level was demonstrated. The fun that was packed in each 5-minute show was enough to lighten us up after a long day. Few times, the trademark “ek do teen chaar, band karo yeh atyachaar” was also employed to pull the rival group down. We were upbeat at the beginning that ours – ‘SAHAS’ – would be the best show. But, I must admit that I started feeling insecure with each new team raising the bar higher. After all 12 teams had finished the presentations; we had lost the confidence we had in the beginning about winning. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we won the 3rd position. The other two winners – ‘Munnabhai PGPX’ & ‘7-Sigma’ (both tied at 1st position) really deserved the accolade – “Awesome! Awesome!” The name of the group themselves were so catchy. The motto of Munnabhai PGPX group – ‘No Hayward 5000, only MS 2000!’ was really hilarious.

Though it appeared to be a fun exercise at the surface, it certainly instilled team spirit within groups and helped us in learning several management fundamentals at subtle level.

We learned ‘how to think on the feet & work towards a common goal within constraints of time & resources that too in a field where we may not be experts’. It also made us employ our sense of humor and creativity and thereby made the pressing situation enjoyable.

Let’s see where our collective EXCELgiri leads us to!


One Response to “Munnabhai PGPX ;-)”

  1. tejbir Says:

    Hey Harsh
    Great blog here.
    and a very good post on a very memorable incident – our class’ first group task!

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